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1.  Status Reports


This is the status of the Gentoo Documentation Project. It will be posted regularly, but not with a static frequency. All questions can be posted to or to me personally.

The Gentoo Documentation Project, from now on abbreviated to GDP, has its own project page (just like almost all other Gentoo projects). You can find it at


This status mail will briefly discuss the following tasks, objectives and/or projects related to the GDP:

2.  New / Updated Documentation

Thanks to Ioannis Aslandis, Hartwig Brandl and several forum users, our repository has now been extended with a Grub Error Collection document.

Shyam Mani wrote a Gentoo Linux USB Guide which was one of the requested documents on our list. And it is a very fine read.

For the 2005.0 release, guides such as Gentoo Upgrading Guide and Gentoo Kernel Guide have received additional information. Of course, the Gentoo Handbook has received the necessary updates as well and the Gentoo Handbook 2005.0 has been put online.

Thanks to Jonathan Smith you can now find a Fluxbox Configuration HOWTO in our Desktop Documentation Resources section.

Roy Marple has written several chapters on configuring your network using the (not-stable-yet) baselayout changes. This is currently viewable online and will be integrated in the official Gentoo Handbook when the baselayout changes are stabilized.

Also, Camille Huot has started writing a Gentoo EVMS Guide.

Of course, we shouldn't forget all the updates to the other guides, such as spelling and grammar fixes and bugfixes that were reported to Bugzilla.

An overview of all fixed bugreports since the last status update can be found on Gentoo's bugtracking system.

3.  Obsoleting <codenote>

The <codenote> tag was generally used for comments inside C/C++ source code listings. Gentoo does not have much of those though and the use of <comment> is preferred (as <codenote> was nothing more than a <comment>// ...</comment> anyway).

So to simplify the GuideXML format a bit, this entity has now become obsoleted.


Page updated April 13, 2005

Summary: Status report of the GDP project

Sven Vermeulen

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