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Installing Gentoo/OpenBSD (Draft)


1.  State of Gentoo/OpenBSD

Is this finished guide?

This document is not a finished install guide. Actually, it's more a notebook for us than guide, but here you can recieve some useful hints, that can help you with your Gentoo/OpenBSD.

Our progress

Just at the moment we are working hard on getting Gentoo Prefix installed on clean OpenBSD system. Following chapters contain some information about facts that already are found out.

2.  Installing Gentoo Prefix on OpenBSD


This is not a complete Prefix bootstrapping guide, here are just additions to FreeBSD prefix guide.

Using bootstrap script

After ./ $EPREFIX/tmp gawk do the following:

Code Listing 2.1: Bootstrapping grep

$ ./ $EPREFIX/tmp grep

Emerging linker and compiler

After emerge --oneshot --nodeps bison do the following:

Code Listing 2.2: emerging autotools

$ emerge --oneshot --nodeps =autoconf-2.64 automake:1.11 autoconf-wrapper automake-wrapper libtool

3.  Contact

Contact author of this document on any question via email. Other ways to contact Gentoo/OpenBSD developers include our IRC Channel #gentoo-openbsd on Freenode, as well as the general gentoo-bsd mailing list.


Page updated April 23, 2011

Summary: Installation instructions for Gentoo/OpenBSD.

Maxim Koltsov

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