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This page is meant to give an overview of all gentoo projects

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toplevel project lead(s) members description
Apache nelchael, trapni The Apache herd maintains the Apache httpd server, an eclass to use the Apache build infrastructure, and many of its modules.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
base vapier GMsoft, Kumba, armin76, kingtaco, klausman, tsunam The Base System Project provides an umbrella project for keeping the system tools, libraries, compilers and layout consistent for all the various architectures under Gentoo Linux.
Embedded solar blueness, hwoarang, kingtaco, lu_zero, miknix, robbat2, vapier Embedded Gentoo brings the flexibity of Gentoo to embedded systems.
Gentoo Alpha klausman ago, armin76, mattst88, zlogene The Gentoo/Alpha Arch Team is devoted to keeping Gentoo in good shape on the Alpha architecture.
Gentoo ARM steev, zerochaos ago, armin76, blueness, dilfridge, dlan, maekke, mrueg, pinkbyte, vapier, xmw, zlogene The ARM Development Project is devoted to keeping Gentoo in good shape on the ARM architecture.
Gentoo HPPA GMsoft jer, vapier The Gentoo HPPA project provides the Gentoo GNU/Linux operating system to the HP Precision Architecture platform.
Gentoo IA-64 armin76 ago, hattya, jmorgan, vapier, zlogene The IA-64 Development Project is devoted to keeping Gentoo in good shape on the IA-64 architecture.
Gentoo Linux/x86 ago, armin76, jdhore, nativemad, phajdan.jr, vincent, zlogene The Gentoo Linux x86 Development Project is devoted to keeping Gentoo Linux in good shape on the x86 architecture, which represents all 32-bit Intel-compatible processors
Gentoo MIPS mattst88 blueness, hwoarang, kumba, leio, pinkbyte, zlogene The Gentoo/MIPS Project provides the Gentoo GNU/Linux operating system for mips-based platforms.
Gentoo PAM maintenance flameeyes phajdan.jr, robbat2 Pluggable Authentication Method maintenance project for Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD
Gentoo PowerPC ago, blueness, halcy0n, jer, jmorgan, josejx, lu_zero, nixnut, pinkbyte, vincent, volkmar, xmw, zlogene The Gentoo/PowerPC Project supports and maintains Gentoo Linux on the PowerPC architecture, for both the 32 bit and 64 bit userlands.
Gentoo PPC64 ago, blueness, halcy0n, pinkbyte, ranger, vincent, zlogene The PPC64 Development Project is devoted to keeping Gentoo in good shape on the PowerPC64 architecture.
Gentoo SPARC armin76 ago, jer, jmorgan, xmw, zlogene The Gentoo SPARC project provides the Gentoo GNU/Linux operating system to the SPARC and UltraSPARC platforms.
Gentoo/AMD64 Chainsaw, Ken69267, ago, angelos, hparker, kingtaco, maekke, nimiux, pacho, rich0, zlogene The Gentoo/AMD64 Project is devoted to providing stable, secure and up-to-date releases of Gentoo for the AMD64 and EM64T processor families.
OpenRC williamh blueness, dabbott, idl0r, patrick, qnikst, vapier The Gentoo OpenRC Project manages Gentoo's initialization scripts system.
systemd mgorny dagger, floppym, lxnay, pacho, tamiko, williamh The goal of Gentoo systemd project is to bring Gentoo users an opportunity to use systemd as an alternative init system and maintain documentation for that purpose.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Bug Cleaners The Gentoo Bug Cleaners project aims to clean up the oldest bugs in Bugzilla.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
bugday dastergon, deathwing00, gurligebis Gentoo Bugday is an event hosted every first saturday of a month where devs and users get together to try and fix the most bugs during the day.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Council blueness, dberkholz, dilfridge, rich0, scarabeus, ulm, williamh The elected Gentoo Council decides on global issues and policies that affect multiple projects in Gentoo.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
desktop dberkholz The desktop project handles all desktop-related issues of the Gentoo distribution, including science.
accessibility WilliamH dang, leio, neurogeek, teiresias The Gentoo Accessibility Project provides a way for Gentoo developers in various teams to coordinate efforts to make Gentoo more accessible to users who have disabilities.
artwork dabbott, sping The Gentoo Artwork Project manages Gentoo artwork stuff. This includes wallpapers, logos, themes, icons sets, etc.
chromium phajdan.jr ago, floppym, rich0, voyageur, wired The Chromium in Gentoo project manages the Chromium-related ebuilds within Gentoo.
desktop-effects pinkbyte jmbsvicetto Manage various windows managers, x11 miscellaneous applications which are commonly used for various effects on your desktop
desktop-util nelchael hwoarang, lack, s4t4n, ssuominen, xarthisius The Desktop Utilities project manages a wide variety of small utilities and dockapps for the Gentoo Desktop.
desktop-wm The WM project manages the wide variety of Window Managers in Portage.
Enlightenment tommy dagger, pva, vapier Project Enlightenment maintains efl packages including e17
Games vapier Mr_Bones_, Tupone, tristan The Gentoo Games Project manages the game categories (dev-games, games-*) in Portage.
gnome leio dang, eva, jcallen, nirbheek, pacho, tetromino The Gentoo Gnome Project aims to bring the current and complete GNOME Desktop Environment to Gentoo.
KDE johu alexxy, creffett, dastergon, dilfridge, jcallen, jmbsvicetto, jmorgan, kensington, mrueg, mschiff, patrick, reavertm, scarabeus, thev00d00 The KDE project manages the KDE ebuilds within Gentoo.
lxde vostorga hwoarang, nullishzero The LXDE project handles all issues related to the LXDE desktop environment in Gentoo.
Office suka dilfridge, scarabeus The office subproject manages the office implementations and related packages in Portage.
Qt pesa civil, kensington, wired, yngwin, zlogene The Qt project manages the Qt ebuilds within Gentoo.
rox lack The Rox Desktop Project handles all rox-desktop issues of the Gentoo distribution.
sound chainsaw aballier, angelos, chutzpah, matsuu, radhermit, ssuominen, tanderson, yngwin The sound team provides and maintains sound applications and drivers.
video lu_zero aballier, cardoe, hd_brummy, idl0r, lordvan, phosphan, spatz, ssuominen, yngwin, zzam The Video team strives to provide users with the best multimedia experience through providing encoding tools and media players.
X dberkholz The X subproject manages the X implementations and related packages in Portage.
xfce angelos The Gentoo Xfce Project aims to bring the current and complete Xfce desktop environment to Gentoo.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Documentation JoseJX, SwifT, flammie, jkt, nightmorph, rane, vapier The Gentoo Documentation Project is devoted to the creation and maintenance of complete and concise documentation for the Gentoo Project.
Internationalisation nightmorph ago, chiguire, flammie, jaaf, jkt, keytoaster, nimiux, pva, r0bertz, rane, shadow, shindo The Internationalisation Subproject oversees and coordinates the translation efforts of the Gentoo Documentation Project.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
elections dabbott, jmbsvicetto, neddyseagoon, rane, robbat2 Gentoo Elections Project gathers all the information necessary to conduct elections in Gentoo.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
eselect dberkholz, fox2mike, peper, ulm This page contains information about eselect, Gentoo's modular administration and configuration framework.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Forums kallamej, desultory Deathwing00, Earthwings, NathanZachary, NeddySeagoon, ago, amne, d2_racing, i92guboj, jmbsvicetto, john_r_graham, kernelsensei, klieber, nixnut, pilla, pjp, think4urs11, timeBandit, tomk The Gentoo Forums are a source of support for the Gentoo user community. It allows users to post support questions that can be answered by developers and other users alike.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Gentoo Programming Resources george Gentoo Specific Support for Programming Environments.
Ada george Gentoo Specific Support for Programming in Ada.
Haskell slyfox araujo, gienah, kolmodin, qnikst Gentoo Specific Support for Programming in Haskell.
Ruby graaff a3li, gengor, mrueg, robbat2 This project provides support for the Ruby programming language.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
gentoo-alt Provide Gentoo-way solutions for non-GNU/Linux platforms.
Android heroxbd Running Gentoo natively in a directory prefix in parallel to Android.
bsd The_Paya aballier, naota, neurogeek Porting of Gentoo facilities on BSD systems
Gentoo/Alt ATs The Gentoo/Alt AT project is devoted to helping developers with timeconsuming testing.
prefix grobian darkside, haubi, heroxbd, jcallen, mduft, ottxor, redlizard Gentoo Prefix
toplevel project lead(s) members description
hardened Chainsaw, SwifT, Zorry, blueness, gengor, klondike, lejonet, nixnut, prometheanfire, quantumsummers Hardened Gentoo brings advanced security measures to Gentoo Linux.
Hardened uClibc blueness zorry This subproject aims to port both tool chain and kernel hardening to uClibc based systems for a variety of architectures. The project treats uClibc as an alternative to glibc, and not necessarily as "embedded". The aim is a fully featured system, and not one based primarily on busybox.
Integrity SwifT The integrity subproject aims to integrate and maintain technologies related to system integrity within Gentoo Hardened. Its first focus will be on the Linux IMA/EVM implementation, but this will be extended towards other integrity, compliance and reporting related technologies.
RSBAC blueness RSBAC is Mandatory Access Control security system based on the GFAC framework logic. It includes standard models, like the Role Compatibility, Access Control Lists and Mandatory Access Control. RSBAC enforces access control rules on your operating system.
SELinux SwifT blueness, prometheanfire SELinux is a system of mandatory access controls. SELinux can enforce the security policy over all processes and objects in the system.
Hardened Kernel Sources blueness A kernel which provides patches for hardened subprojects, and stability/security oriented patches. Includes Grsecurity and SELinux.
Hardened Toolchain Zorry Transparent implementation of PaX address space layout randomizations and stack smashing protections using ELF shared objects as executables.
PaX/Grsecurity blueness Grsecurity is a complete security solution providing such features as a MAC or RBAC system, chroot restrictions, address space modification protection (via PaX), auditing features, randomization features, linking restrictions to prevent file race conditions, ipc protections and much more.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
infrastructure robbat2 a3li, antarus, armin76, craig, darkside, idl0r, jmbsvicetto, kingtaco, tampakrap, zx2c4 The infrastructure project describes the infrastructure that Gentoo uses, how the infrastructure is administrated, who is in charge of what infrastructure and more infrastructure-related items.
Gentoo CVS In charge of cvs-related issues.
Gentoo Mail In charge of mail-related issues, including mailing lists.
Gentoo Mirrors Charged with ensuring the stability and availability of our mirroring system, including Portage and Source mirrors. For more information see the mirrors page.
Gentoo Sysadmins Another project that spans all other groups, this team ensures all servers are properly maintained. Included in this are the application of new security patches, scheduling of downtime for package upgrades and other system administration duties. Some members of this team have specialized skills, such as database administration or CVS administration. This project works closely with the Infrastructure Security project.
Gentoo Web Responsible for updating and maintaining the web site.
Infrastructure Security This group spans all other groups and is responsible for ensuring the overall security of all servers and other devices used by the Gentoo Linux project. This project provides more architectural and consulting services, relying on the Gentoo Sysadmins project for the actual implementation.
Tenshi Responsible for maintaining Tenshi, a custom log monitoring tool developed for Gentoo infrastructure servers.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Java betelgeuse, caster, ercpe, fordfrog, sera, serkan The Java Project handles all Gentoo-related Java things.
java-config Java environment configuration tool
javatoolkit Gentoo-specific tools for Java
toplevel project lead(s) members description
kernel mpagano blueness, chainsaw, dang, gengor, gmsoft, gregkh, joker, kumba, nelchael, nixnut, psomas, solar, spock, tomwij, zorry The Gentoo Kernel project has the goal of bringing a stable and consistent kernel feature set across all architectures supported by Gentoo Linux
gentoo-sources mpagano Full sources including the Gentoo patchset for the 2.6 kernel tree. [2.6]
mips-sources kumba Gentoo Kernel based from the 2.4 branch supporting MIPS processors [2.4/2.6]
sparc-sources joker Gentoo Kernel supporting SPARC processors [2.4]
toplevel project lead(s) members description
libbash betelgeuse qiaomuf libbash development is devoted to maintaining and updating libbash core functionality and utilities.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Licenses This is a small team in Gentoo that try to make heads & tails of license terms.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Lisp pchrist hkBst The Gentoo Lisp Project handles Lisp related packages in the Gentoo package tree.
Common Lisp pchrist The Gentoo Common Lisp Project handles Common Lisp related packages in the Gentoo package tree.
Emacs fauli, graaff, ulm The Gentoo Emacs Project handles (X)Emacs and Elisp related packages in the Gentoo package tree.
Scheme hkBst pchrist The Gentoo Scheme Project handles Scheme related packages in the Gentoo package tree.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
metastructure dilfridge, jmbsvicetto The metastructure toplevel project is concerned with the management structure of gentoo
glep creffett, dev-zero The GLEP project manages Gentoo Linux Enhancement Proposals.
herds pauldv The herds project aims to ensure that ebuilds are organised in groups which have maintainers, and that some ebuilds get maintainers assigned
project listing This project aims to give an extensive and uptodate overview of all projects and their developers
toplevel project lead(s) members description
ops jer a3li, blackace, fox2mike, neddyseagoon The #gentoo Operators project describes the tasks and policies carried out by the operators of the #gentoo channel on the Freenode network.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Perl zlogene axs, civil, dilfridge, monsieurp The Perl Maintenance Project handles all Gentoo-related Perl things.
g-cpan robbat2 Build perl modules that portage keeps track of
perl-cleaner perl-herd Clean up those ph files and rebuild all your broken apps after a new perl
perl-info perl-herd Tool to gather relevant perl data; 'emerge --info' for perl
up2date-ng perl-herd Tool to check for updates on cpan (Ebuild vs CPAN)
toplevel project lead(s) members description
PHP olemarkus mabi The Gentoo PHP Team is responsible for delivering high-quality support for the PHP programming language for Gentoo Linux.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Portage zmedico solar, vapier, volkmar The Portage Development Project is devoted to maintaining and updating Portages core functionality and utilities.
Gentoo Portage Tools fuzzyray idl0r, truedfx The Tools subproject deals with portage related tools that are not included in the core portage package. This covers maintaining ebuilds for external packages as well as developing and improving our own utilities and scripts.
Sandbox vapier azarah, ferringb The Gentoo Sandbox Project is devoted to maintaining and updating the Gentoo sandbox library.
Documentation vapier Updating and Creating documentation for the tools of Portage.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
pr dberkholz a3li, dabbott, hwoarang, jdhore, klieber, nightmorph, sping, yngwin The Public Relations Team improves Gentoo's visibility towards the rest of the world.
events sping The Free Software Community is colored with many happenings and events. Very important on such events is the availability of the major players, including distributions. This subproject tries to cover all events where Gentoo can present itself.
gmn hwoarang dabbott The Gentoo Monthly Newsletter informs all interested parties about the latest proceedings in the Gentoo community via a monthly publication.
gwn dertobi123 The Gentoo Weekly Newsletter informs the Gentoo userbase (and other interested parties) about the latest evolvements in Gentoo with a weekly publication.
presentation It is vital that Gentoo-presentations and -folders contain correct information and are updated with the most recent information available. This subproject writes and maintains presentations, folders and other material that users and developers can safely use to promote or demonstrate Gentoo.
press coverage Several sites (and other media) exist that occasionally talk about Gentoo using (submitted or self-written) articles. This subproject maintains a list of all available Gentoo articles and updates the several press media about Gentoo.
userrel jmbsvicetto antarus The Gentoo User Relations Subproject offers a point of contact between the development and user communities.
website a3li jdhore, yngwin The Website Team strives to improve the Gentoo website(s).
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Python floppym alicef, alunduil, chutzpah, dev-zero, djc, idella4, lordvan, maksbotan, marienz, mgorny, nelchael, patrick, prometheanfire, radhermit, rafaelmartins, sdamashek, sping, ultrabug, xarthisius, yac The Python project maintains ebuilds for the Python language itself and a lot of other packages using it.
eselect-python Python eselect module
python-exec mgorny A wrapper to run the Python script variant for the preferred implementation
python-updater Re-emerges Python packages after a major Python upgrade
toplevel project lead(s) members description
qa creffett, pinkbyte, tommy The Quality Assurance Project provides an umbrella project for keeping Gentoo's portage tree in a consistent state across all the architectures. This means that syntax, dependencies (both compile-time and run-time), file sizes, changelog and metadata entries are all kept up to date and as accurate as possible.
Bug Wranglers jer polynomial-c, ssuominen, tomwij, wormo The Gentoo Bug Wranglers project controls, describes the tasks to be carried out and goals to be achieved for everyone who wrangles bugs on Gentoo's bug tracker.
Gentoo Devmanual The Gentoo Devmanual is a technical manual for developers which covers topics such as writing ebuilds and eclasses, and also covers policies that developers should be abiding by.
Package Manager Specification ulm tanderson The Package Manager Specification aims to document what is required of a Gentoo package manager, and what ebuilds may assume about their environment.
Proxy Maintainers pinkbyte hwoarang, idella4, maksbotan, mrueg, qnikst, titanofold, tomwij, xmw, yngwin Proxy maintainers is a group of developers maintaining abandoned packages on behalf of Gentoo users.
TreeCleaners hwoarang moult, pacho, ssuominen, vostorga The Tree Cleaning Team is primarily concerned with removing unmaintained and broken packages from the tree. We aim to make less work for everyone by reducing the number of broken and unmaintained packages in the tree. We also aim to increase the user experience by removing broken packages from the tree; therefore users have less hair-raising experiences with packages in-tree that just don't work.
RepoSuperMan Repoman is a tool that is used by Gentoo developers to perform pre-commit quality checks. It is available as part of portage package. Sven has taken the code and updated it to perform better and more thorough checks on a tree wide basis.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
releng armin76, blueness, hwoarang, jmbsvicetto, nightmorph, ranger, robbat2, williamh, xmw, zerochaos The official project focused on coordinating and improving the creation of official releases of Gentoo Linux.
Catalyst agaffney jmbsvicetto This project develops the catalyst tool, which is used to build official Gentoo stage tarballs, PackageCD and InstallCD and LiveCD images.
Installer agaffney, blackace, dberkholz, klieber The deprecated Gentoo Installer project aimed to create a widely extensible install engine that allowed for a diverse set of attended and unattended install options. It was abandoned in 2009, but these pages have been retained for future reference.
Releng/QA Hardware Release Engineering maintains its own set of hardware for development, testing and release building, as well as the porting of Gentoo Linux to new architectures. Currently, this hardware consists of a dual-CPU 900Mhz zx6000 Itanium 2 system with 4GB of RAM on extended loan from HP, and a dual Opteron AMD64 system built from parts donated by AMD, NVIDIA, The Gentoo Foundation, and the Gentoo/AMD64 project. All systems are running Gentoo Linux. Access to these is currently restricted to Release Engineering members. For other developer hardware, check out the dev machines page.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Scientific Gentoo bicatali alexxy, dberkholz, dilfridge, george, je_fro, jlec, markusle, nerdboy, ottxor, phosphan, ryao, tomka, weaver, xarthisius Science related stuff in Gentoo
Electronics rafaelmartins calchan, dilfridge, tomjbe, xmw The Electronics subproject manages Electronics related software in Gentoo
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Scire agaffney blackace The Scire project aims to create a simple interface for installing, configuring, updating, and managing mass numbers of client machines.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
security a3li, keytoaster ackle, craig, creffett, pinkbyte, zx2c4 The Gentoo Linux Security Project ensures that all vulnerabilities in software provided by Gentoo Portage tree are found and fixed in a timely manner.
Auditing solar Preventive security audit of packages in the Portage tree.
Kernel The Kernel Security subproject is tasked with keeping all kernel sources secure.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Sunrise tommy chithanh Project Sunrise provides a gentoo user overlay - the team members take care of the health of the overlay
toplevel project lead(s) members description
TeX aballier, dilfridge, radhermit The TeX project maintains ebuilds for TeX distributions and TeX related packages.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
virtualization dev-zero cardoe, flameeyes, idella4, jokey, lu_zero, tamiko The Gentoo Virtualization Project maintains packages shared between the different virtualization (sub-)projects and provides documentation and tools to the user to make Gentoo a first choice platform as both host and guest system.
Openstack prometheanfire alunduil, cardoe, idella4, steev The Gentoo Openstack Project maintains packages for Openstack and some of it's dependancies.
qemu cardoe, jmbsvicetto, lu_zero, tommy The Gentoo QEMU Project maintains packages related to QEMU.
vmware dilfridge The Gentoo VMware project maintains the VMware packages in the Gentoo portage tree, as well as contacts with VMware, Inc.
xen alexxy, dlan, idella4 The Gentoo Xen Project maintains packages related to Xen.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
VPS Hollow, pva The Gentoo Virtual Private Server project maintains all VPS related packages.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
Web-apps blueness, robbat2, trapni The web-apps team maintains web applications, an eclass to facilitate writing ebuilds for these packages, and the webapp-config tool.
toplevel project lead(s) members description
wiki a3li antarus, idl0r, keytoaster, yngwin The Gentoo Wiki Project aims to create and maintain a wiki for use by developers and users.


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