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1.  Overview

We are announcing a public contest to redesign our various web sites, including, and other public sites. This contest is open to all interested individuals, companies and organizations. To enter, please submit two PNG images that show the front page of along with the first page of the Gentoo Handbook. The deadline for these submissions is 2000UTC, July 25th, 2004. A group of Gentoo developers will select the top 5 candidates, which will be posted publicly for everyone to review. The community will then select the final version through a voting process. For complete guidelines, along with the submission address, please see our Contest Guidelines

2.  Finalists

First of all, our thanks to all of the people who submitted entries. We received over thirty different designs, and selecting only five was difficult. Also, our sincere and abject apologies for the delays in announcing the finalists. Two senior developers both managed to drop the ball, and we apologize to all of the people who have been waiting and wondering about their entries.

So, with no further delay, we are happy to announce the following five finalist entries. Voting to select the winning design now commences on the web site redesign contest forums page . The poll will be open until Friday, 8 Oct. 2004.

Entry Front Page Handbook
Aaron Shi
Charles-Andre Landemaine - gencorp
Charles-Andre Landemaine - gentech
Derek Gerstmann
No handbook image submitted
Iris on Mirror

3.  Contest Rules

Entrants should submit two images in PNG format. The first image should show a full mockup of the front page of The second image should show a full mockup of the first page of the Gentoo Handbook. These do not have to be fully-functional web pages.

All designs should take into consideration the existing content available on and must allocate space for advertisements as well.

The final 5 candidates will be chosen based on a number of criteria including:

  • Overall design -- does it look ugly.
  • Navigation -- can people find their way around easily.
  • Integration of Advertisements -- Are the advertisements placed prominently, without taking over the entire design of the page.
  • Render time -- how long will pages take to load?
  • Flexibility and Scalability of design -- can we add new pages and sections easily to allow for future growth.
  • Cool factor -- totally subjective interpretation of the submission. Does it "wow" us.

Designs relying on flash animation or other proprietary formats will be penalized heavily. Your best bet is to stick with open formats.

By submitting your design, you are also indicating that you are willing to design and create the necessary graphics for our web sites (including, and all other public web sites.) This is a non-trivial task and will require a great deal of time and effort, so please consider this carefully before submitting your entry.

The submitter of the winning design will have the opportunity to place a link at the bottom of every page that says "Design provided by <your name>" and links to a web page of your choosing. (We reserve the right to change or remove the link if it points to objectionable content, such as a porn site). The right to display this link is contingent on the submitter actually completing the design as described above.

4.  Submissions

Submissions should be sent to and must be received by 2000UTC, July 25th, 2004.

5.  Copyrights

The submitter will retain all copyrights on any images they submit. However, in order to be selected as one of the final 5 candidates, you must be willing to assign your copyright of that particular design to the Gentoo Foundation, which is a non-profit group charged with caring for Gentoo Linux. If your design is one of the final 5, but not selected as the winner, then you may regain copyright of your design. (Please remember that the Gentoo logo and stylized "G" belong to the Gentoo Foundation and may not be used without our written consent.)

6.  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you going to use {CSS,XHTML,foo}? What about browser compatibility? Accessibility?

The purpose of this contest is only to establish a look and feel for the new site. Things like accessibility, use of CSS, browser compatibility and other programmatic things will be defined later.

Q: Does the purple have to stay?

We try to leave as much creative freedom up to the designer as possible. That said, many of our users equate Gentoo Linux with purple, much in the same way Red Hat tends to be associated with red and SuSE tends to be associated with green. You're not required to use purple, but you will probably have a steeper hill to climb if you abandon it entirely.

Q: Can I submit multiple designs?

Yes, but only if they are each unique. Please do not submit multiple variations of a single design, such as different colors. In that case, pick the one you like best and submit it. People who submit multiple variants of the same design will be penalized during the judging.

Q: What do you consider "ugly"? Isn't that very subjective?

We are seeking a design that is professional, clean and is appealing to a large group of people. We are not seeking "fringe" designs that may be considered beautiful by a small subset of people, but are unlikely to be appreciated by the bulk of our user base.

Note: Look around at large corporate sites. Those have all been done by professional graphic designers.

Note: Avoid black-on-black, lots of chrome and 8 point fonts. You may think it's cool. We don't.

Q: What do you mean by "Cool factor"? Isn't that very subjective?

The "Cool factor" is something that is impossible to describe. It simply means that, when we look at a submission and say "wow, that's cool", then you've achieved it. It may be a unique feature of the site or a different way of designing things. It can be anything that you think will cause us to go "wow, that's cool". And yes, it's 100% subjective.

Q: But I need more than two images to show my design!!

Please only submit two images, displaying one page each. Submissions containing more than two images will either be deleted outright or penalized heavily during the judging.

Q: Why not let the community pick from all available entries instead of just 5 that are selected by a group of developers?

We expect the community to pick a site largely based on its look. We also need to consider other factors, such as navigation, integration of ads, etc, so we will select the best 5 candidates that meet all of the criteria listed above before presenting it to the community.

Q: I'm a Gentoo Developer. Can I submit a design?

Yes, of course, though you won't be given any special consideraton because of your dev status.

Q: Who owns the copyright to these submissions?

Please see the copyright section.

Q: Why must I give up my copyright?

If we do not own the copyright to the design, then we cannot legally prevent other people from using it. We want the design of our web site to be unique to Gentoo Linux. We have no plans to sell or sub-license the design and even if we did, the copyright belongs to the Gentoo Foundation, so any monies collected would go directly to the development efforts of Gentoo Linux.

Q: What if you don't get any good submissions?

We will stick with the current design.

Q: Can we see the designs that were rejected after the contest?

We will not own the copyright to any of the rejected designs and thus may not legally display them. If individual submitters wish to show their own designs on their own sites, they may do so at their own discretion.

Q: I have additional questions that aren't answered here.

Please use this thread on the Gentoo Forums for additional questions.

Page updated 19 September 2004

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