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1.  Gentoo projects

This page is meant to give an overview of all gentoo projects

2.  Project listing

toplevel project subproject members description
metastructure pauldv The metastructure toplevel project is concerned with the management structure of gentoo.
herds pauldv, klieber, zhen, coredumb, absinthe, avenj, g2boojum, rac, mksoft The herds project aims to ensure that ebuilds are organised in groups which have maintainers, and that some ebuilds get maintainers assigned.
project listing pauldv This project aims to give an extensive and uptodate overview of all projects and their developers.
glep g2boojum, liquidx The glep project aims to provide a unified procedure for proposing enhancements to gentoo
toplevel project subproject members description
kernel pfeifer, joker, livewire, kumba, gmsoft, kain, wwoods, SwifT The gentoo kernels
alpha-sources wwoods Gentoo Kernel supporting alpha processors
arm-sources Gentoo Kernel supporting arm processors
gentoo-sources pfeifer Feature-rich, high-performance Gentoo Kernel for x86 processors
gs-sources livewire Gentoo Kernel created for stability, supporting x86 processors
mips-sources kumba Gentoo Kernel supporting MIPS processors
pfeifer-sources pfeifer Developmental Gentoo Kernel which moves it's code base into gentoo-sources
ppc-sources kain Gentoo Kernel supporting PPC processors, including ppc-sources-benh, ppc-sources-crypto, ppc-sources-dev
sparc-sources joker Gentoo Kernel supporting SPARC processors
xfs-sources livewire Gentoo Kernel supporting x86 processors and XFS filesystem. Used by the Gentoo LiveCD
toplevel project subproject members description
gentoo-base toplevel management operating system platforms and special-purpose projects
livecd Gentoo Linux LiveCD technology efforts
toplevel project subproject members description
hardened method, pebenito, frogger, solar, pappy, mboman, sindian, zhen Efforts related to integrated security
selinux Adding SELinux support to Gentoo and Portage
propolice Propolice is GCC stack smashing protection written by IBM
systrace Systrace is a lightweight ACL system with an easy to use policy editor and a gui for on-the-fly policy management
hardened-sources A kernel which provides patches for hardened subprojects, and stability/security oriented patches
grsecurity Grsecurity ACL policies, documentation outlining effective use of Grsecurity
prelude inclusion of prelude, a hybrid intrustion dection system
toplevel project subproject members description
tools pvdabeel Auxiliary tools useful for gentoo development
keychain Tool increasing the ease of use of ssh key passwords
dynfw Tool for making it easy to maintain a dynamic firewall
toplevel project subproject members description
devrel seemant, avenj, cybersystem, brandy, klieber, g2boojum, coredumb General development management, developer relations
intra-dev relations Here, we maintain a constantly updated roster of developers, and their areas of development. This will be not only the devlist, but also the herds document, which will list the various herd projects in the portage tree, along with the herd manager (point of contact). Additionally, we maintain a record of developers' GPG public keys to provide a single area for developer lookup
recruitment and training Currently, we have a process on the Gentoo bug tracker which tracks a new developer's progress from initial contact through training and final sign up. As part of a new developer's training, they must fulfill several requirements, culminating in a quiz/questionnaire. Every new developer is assigned to a mentor on the Gentoo development team
toplevel project subproject members description
releng avenj Management of the release process
build Management of stage/package building efforts on all architectures
install-doc install documentation
toplevel project subproject members description
qa seemant Explicit, proactive quality control efforts
bugs Overseeing bug distribution/assignment/completion and responsiveness
security Manage tracking and application of security fixes to packages
policy-doc Policy documentation
toplevel project subproject members description
pr klieber, seemant Public relations
partners Gentoo partnerships, liaisons to metapkg, Gentoo Games, etc.
shows Planning and organization for trade shows
gwn Gentoo weekly news
toplevel project subproject members description
portage klieber, carpaski, drobbins, pvdabeel
package-research Research into new packaging technologies and capabilities
managers carpaski, drobbins, pvdabeel
toplevel project subproject members description
infrastructure klieber, rc, robh, robbat2, peitolm, avenj, cybersystem, pylon Mirrors, servers, email, hosting, server security
mirrors avenj Charged with ensuring the stability and availability of our mirroring system, including Portage and Source mirrors
web Responsible for updating and maintaining the web site
mail cybersystem, peitolm In charge of mail-related issues, including mailing lists
CVS robbat2, pylon In charge of cvs-related issues
security This group spans all other groups and is responsible for ensuring the overall security of all servers and other devices used by the Gentoo Linux project
sysadmins robh Another project that spans all other groups, this team ensures all servers are properly maintained
toplevel project subproject members description
documentation method, swift Gentoo documentation project
core documentation Core documentation, such as the arch specific installation guides, and the Desktop Guide, are maintained in this project
application documentation The core of the GDP team, most of the work in this subproject relates to the maintenance and incorportation of application centric documentation
system documentation The Portage documentation, rc-scripts guide, and other Gentoo specific documentation is covered under this subproject
international documentation sergey As Gentoo continues to grow, international documentation will be key to communicating with our diverse user base. The translators will make sure that all Gentoo documentation is translated in a timely fashion
gdp documentation The goal of this subproject is to document everything concerning the GDP Project itself
toplevel project subproject members description
gentoo-alt pvdabeel, method, livewire, ct, tester, seemant, drobbins, lu_zero, GMsoft Gentoo-alt is a top-level project that manages efforts to support alternate Gentoo platforms and runtime environments
gentoo/MacOs An effort focused on providing a Gentoo sub-environment under Apple's MacOS X operating system
gentoo/BSD An effort to provide a fully-capable BSD operating system with Gentoo design sensibilities
LiveCD Our "live" (run direct from CD-hosted filesystem) bootable CD project
Newbee livecd Luke-JR a Gentoo LiveCD which first-time computer users can use to install Linux by themselves
toplevel project subproject members description
Orphan Projects currently without parent
gentoo-cluster spyderous, tantive, Adelie, iggy, george, lisa The Gentoo Cluster Project aims to make Gentoo a desirable platform for high-performance and high-availability clustering. The project will develop documentation and support for designing and implementing clusters. This will increase Gentoo's visibility in enterprise-level computing


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Summary: This is an overview of all current gentoo projects

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