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Portage bug handling


1.  Dislaimer

Important: This document is a draft and not in effect yet. Please don't link or refer to it yet unless you're discussing it.

2.  Product and Components


All portage related bugs should be filed under the Portage Development product. Bugs reassigned from other projects should get the product changed to Portage Development.


3.  Version, Priority and Severity


The Version field should list the portage branch this bug will be fixed in. This is aimed to target a specific branch in the subversion repository for possible fixes.


This field is generally not used for portage bugs yet.


Value Used for
Enhancement Any bugreports about adding/improving functionality
Trivial grammer or layout errors in messages, wrong colors, aynthing where no brain work is involved and functionality isn't affected
Minor Typos, missing imports, indentation errors, other one-line fixes
Normal Bugs that require more than a one-line fix, but are easy to work around
Major Bugs that prevent normal usage and require a lot of work
Critical Issues that break/corrupt package building on a large scale
Blocker Critical data corruption or system breakage problems

4.  Keywords


Once a bug is supposed to be fixed in the subversion repository the InSVN keyword is set, so fixed bugs are easy to find at release time.


Indicator for developers that this bug should be looked into soon, mainly used for enhancement bugs.


For problems that didn't appear in a previous version. This does not apply for features that were intentionally dropped/changed.


Page updated 02 Jul 2006

Summary: Rules how to classify and resolve bug reports.

Marius Mauch

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