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Portage release policy

1.  Making a portage release

Release steps

Warning: The following is based on an old mail by former portage release coordinator Jason Stubbs, it might not reflect current practice

Code Listing 1.1: steps to create a release

cd ${TRUNK}
svn up
svn diff
# confirm that there are no changed files
# replace VERSION in pym/ with ${RELEASE_VER}
# check through to make sure there are no extra files and no strange commits
cd ${TRUNK}/..
svn cp trunk tags/${RELEASE_VER}
# check ${RELEASES_DIR}/${PREVIOUS_RELEASE}/ChangeLog for the last revision number
cd ${TRUNK}
LANG=C svn -v -r ${LAST_REVISION+1}:HEAD log > ${RELEASES_DIR}/trunk.log
cd ${RELEASES_DIR} > portage-${RELEASE_VER}/ChangeLog
cat ${PREVIOUS_RELEASE}/ChangeLog >> ${RELEASE_VER}/ChangeLog
# edit portage-${RELEASE_VER}/ChangeLog, copy and adjust the release header
tar jcf portage-${RELEASE_VER}.tar.bz2 portage-${RELEASE_VER}
# upload to dev space and /space/distfiles-local
# wait for the file to propogate
# commit new ebuild


Page updated 02 Jul 2006

Summary: Rules and guidelines hot to create a portage release.

Marius Mauch Jason Stubbs

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