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Libre Software Meeting 2006 Event


1.  Project Description

The 7th Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (also known as Libre Software Meeting) will be held on July 4th-8th 2006 in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, in the "1er cycle" building of the Faculte des Sciences, campus of Henri Poincare - Nancy 1 University.

2.  Project Goals

  • get a gentoo poster
  • get CDs to sell on the booth
  • get T-Shirts to sell on the booth
  • decide which animations we'll provide on the booth
  • list practical actions to do, deadlines, and so on

3.  Preparing the event


This is the list of people related to this event:

Name Title Function on the booth Date of arrival Date of departure City coming from Coming using Sleeping in Email Phone
dams - Damien Krotkine gentoo developper t-shirt and cd seller, other ? July 3th evening July 8th or 9th Paris car from PLF or from mandriva gite rural n/a
kernelsensei gentoo developper t-shirt and cd seller, other ? July 3rd evening July 8th or 9th ?? ?? ?? ??

Things needed

This is the list of stuff we need:

Name type We have it yet Who is working on it Date we need it Requires Who is Responsible Who brings it description
CD-R hardware no kernelsensei July 3rd - kernelsensei kernelsensei CD-R to burn CD on-demand on the booth
CD-R cover prints hardware yes dams July 3rd - dams dams papers with cd cover printed, to stick on the cds
T-Shirts artwork data no dams June 12th - dams dams t-shirt artwork so that we can print it
T-Shirts print shop data yes dams very soon - dams dams
  • rue Orfila, dans le 20e, 7e50 la piece en deux couleurs pour 200
  • Anarres boutique/atelier de serigraphie, 2 rue richard lenoir - angle rue de Charonne 75011 Paris
T-Shirts wear no dams July 3rd T-Shirt artwork, T-shirt print shop dams dams XXX let print the t-shirt artwork XXX -> Too late, too expensive, we won't have t-shirt
Poster file data yes dams - Poster file dams dams pdf file of the poster, there :
Gentoo Poster poster yes dams June 28 Poster file dams dams Print a nice big A0 poster, with plastic cover


Page updated 07 June 2006

Summary: This subproject is a place to hold informations on organizing the Gentoo booth at the Libre Software Meeting 2006 (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre).

Damien Krotkine

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