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Linux World Conference and Expo 2006 - San Francisco


1.  Project Description

The 2006 Linux World Conference and Expo in San Francisco is one of the largest Linux events in the United States. It will be held on August 14th through the 17th at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco.

2.  Project Goals

  • Provide a good overview of Gentoo's products
  • Foster relations with possible new partners
  • Speak with current partners to maintain relations

3.  Preparing the event


This is the list of people related to this event:

Name Title Date of arrival Date of departure Travel information Email
Daniel Ostrow Gentoo Trustee n/a n/a n/a
Mike Frysinger Gentoo Council ?? ?? ??
Chris Gianelloni Release Engieering August 12th August 19th Flight 301, US Airways - 9:59AM
Josh Nichols Gentoo/Java ?? ?? ??

Things needed

This is the list of stuff we hope to have at the event:

Name Available Assigned to Description
CD-R media yes wolf31o2 CD-R media to burn CDs on-demand on the booth
2006.1 Release yes wolf31o2 ISO images from 2006.1 for on-demand burning
Gentoo Poster no dostrow Laminated Gentoo poster
Projector/Screen no dostrow Projector allows us to demo Gentoo for a wider audience


Page updated 14 Aug 2006

Summary: This subproject is a place to hold information regarding the Gentoo booth at the 2006 Linux World Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

Chris Gianelloni

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