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1.  Project Description

With an escalating number of users and increasingly complex projects with ever-tighter deadlines, Gentoo is probably one of the most actively developed distributions available today. Keeping everybody informed about the progress made is more than ever an interesting challenge. Users and developers should be able to quickly grasp the essence of the project and where it currently stands.

2.  Project Goals

The presentation subproject aims to improve the project visibility by providing all appropriate information in up-to-date, well-targeted presentations and hand-outs. These can then be downloaded and used by developers, users and interested parties, not only to read themselves, but also to share with others through presentations, demonstrations and direct contact with other people.

3.  Resources

Resources offered by the presentation project are:


Page updated December 3, 2004

Summary: It is vital that Gentoo-presentations and -folders contain correct information and are updated with the most recent information available. This subproject writes and maintains presentations, folders and other material that users and developers can safely use to promote or demonstrate Gentoo.

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