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1.  Project Description

The Scientific Gentoo project manages science related activities in Gentoo as well as maintains packages that belong to the sci herd and its sub-herds.

2.  Project Goals

Scientific Gentoo's purpose is to create an easy way for scientific community to use Gentoo Linux to their advantage and to also make it easy to contribute back, should such desire emerge. The project strives to provide a powerfull set of scientific packages as well as wide configurability options that users of Gentoo have come to expect. Additional goals of Scientific Gentoo are to create and maintain relevant documentation as well as to organize activities related to both science and Gentoo.

3.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Sebastien Fabbro bicatali Lead
Alexey Shvetsov alexxy Core member
Andreas Hüttel dilfridge Core member
George Shapovalov george Core member
Markus Dittrich markusle Core member
Steve Arnold nerdboy Core member
Christoph Junghans ottxor Core member
Patrick Kursawe phosphan Core member
Jeffrey Gardner je_fro Core member, Biochemistry
Richard Yao ryao Core member, Computer Science
Kacper Kowalik xarthisius Core member, astronomy
Andrey Kislyuk weaver Core member, computational biology
Donnie Berkholz dberkholz Core member, computational chemistry
Thomas Kahle tomka Core member, mathematics
Justin Lecher jlec Core member, structural biology

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

4.  Subprojects

The Scientific Gentoo project has the following subprojects:

Project Lead Description
Electronics Rafael Martins The Electronics subproject manages Electronics related software in Gentoo

5.  Resources

Resources offered by the Scientific Gentoo project are:


Summary: Science related stuff in Gentoo

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