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1.  Guide XML

The Gentoo Linux team uses a special simple XML format called guide XML for all of its documentation and Web pages. If you're interested in learning more about this format, you may want to read the A site reborn series of IBM developerWorks articles, written by Daniel Robbins:

  • In Part 1, Daniel creates a user-centric action plan and introduces pytext, an embedded Python interpreter.
  • In Part 2, Daniel shows off the new guide XML documentation system and sets up a daily CVS-log mailing list.
  • In Part 3, Daniel designs a new look for the site as a whole
  • In Part 4, Daniel completes the conversion to XML/XSLT, fixes a host of Netscape 4.x browser compatibility bugs, and adds an auto-generated XML Changelog to the site.

We also have a Gentoo Linux Documentation Guide that explains how to use the guide XML format.


Page updated October 10, 2005

Summary: This page contains information about the "guide" XML project, used for the Gentoo Linux documentation and Web site.

Daniel Robbins

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