Printer browsing in net-print/cups-1.6

Title: Printer browsing in net-print/cups-1.6
Author: Andreas K. Huettel <>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2013-06-30
Revision: 1
News-Item-Format: 1.0
Display-If-Installed: <=net-print/cups-1.6.2-r5

net-print/cups-1.6 no longer supports automatic remote printers or
implicit classes via the CUPS, LDAP, or SLP protocols, i.e. "network

The browsing functionality can be restored by running cups-browsed
from net-print/cups-filters as a separate daemon (just add its init
script to your default runlevel). By default cups-browsed uses the
net-print/cups-1.5 browse protocol, but it can also utilize zeroconf
(if the zeroconf use flag is set). See /etc/cups/cups-browsed.conf
for configuration.

Of course, directly specifying the location of your printers in
the cups interface works as well.