GRUB2 migration

Title: GRUB2 migration
Author: Mike Gilbert <>
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Posted: 2013-10-14
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A newer version of GRUB (sys-boot/grub) is now stable. There are now
two available slots:

sys-boot/grub:0 - Known as "GRUB Legacy"
sys-boot/grub:2 - Known as "GRUB2"

GRUB2 uses a different configuration format, and requires a manual
migration before your system will actually use it. A guide [1] is
available on the website, and the Gentoo wiki [2][3] has
additional information.

If you would prefer not to migrate at this time, you do not need to
take any action: GRUB Legacy will remain functional in /boot. To
prevent any associated files (documentation) from being removed, add
sys-boot/grub:0 to your world file. For example:

emerge --noreplace sys-boot/grub:0