OpenAFS no longer needs kernel option DEBUG_RODATA

Title: OpenAFS no longer needs kernel option DEBUG_RODATA
Author: NP-Hardass <>
Author: Andrew Savchenko <>
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Posted: 2016-08-08
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As a result of bug #127084 [1], it was determined that OpenAFS's
kernel module required that the kernel's data structures be
read-write (CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA=n). With recent OpenAFS versions
this limitation is no longer required. We tested the latest version
of OpenAFS with Linux kernels from 3.4 till 4.6, and determined that
OpenAFS kernel module works fine with CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA=y.

Starting with net-fs/openafs-kernel-, this condition is no
longer forced in the ebuild. Considering the security implications
of having CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA turned off, it is highly advised that
you adjust your kernel config accordingly.  Please note that the
default setting for CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA is "y" and unless you have
another reason for keeping it disabled, we highly recommend that
you re-enable CONFIG_DEBUG_RODATA.