OpenRC 0.22 updates

Title: OpenRC 0.22 updates
Author: William Hubbs <>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2016-09-27
Revision: 1
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OpenRC 0.22 introduces the following changes:

- In previous versions of OpenRC, configuration information was processed
  so that service-specific configuration stored in /etc/conf.d/* was
  overridden by global configuration stored in /etc/rc.conf. OpenRC 0.22
  reverses that. Global configuration stored in /etc/rc.conf is read first
  then overridden by configuration stored in /etc/conf.d/*.

- The swapfiles service, which was basically a copy of the swap service,
  has been removed. If you are only using local swap partitions, as
  described in the handbook for example, this change will not affect you.
  If you are using swap files or swap partitions on network-backed devices
  such as iSCSI, please adjust the dependencies of the swap
  service as shown in /etc/conf.d/swap to reflect your situation.