Important fstab and localmount update

Title: Important fstab and localmount update
Author: William Hubbs <>
Author: Ian Stakenvicius <>
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Posted: 2016-11-04
Revision: 2
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Recent updates to service scripts in OpenRC and (e)udev have removed the
requirement for udev to "settle" before its startup completes.  The
result of this is that services which used to wait for udev to finish
processing all kernel events will now start earlier.  One such service
is localmount.

If "/dev/disk/by-*" device paths are used for mount points in
fstab, it is possible that those symbolic links  will not exist when
localmount starts and attempts to mount them.

The recommended solution is to convert fstab from using
"/dev/disk/by-*" to the LABEL=, UUID=, PARTLABEL= or PARTUUID= syntax.
This syntax is supported directly by both util-linux and busybox's mount
commands and has no dependency on any device manager. More information
on this syntax can be found in the fstab(5) and mount(8) man pages.

To force the old behaviour, instead of converting fstab, you can add
rc_want="dev-settle" to /etc/conf.d/localmount or add udev-settle to the
sysinit runlevel.