Ruby 2.0 removal; Ruby 2.1 default

Title: Ruby 2.0 removal; Ruby 2.1 default
Author: Hans de Graaff <>
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Posted: 2016-12-04
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Ruby MRI (Matz's Ruby Interpreter) 2.0 was retired by upstream in
February 2016. [1] Following this, Ruby MRI 2.0 support will be
removed from Gentoo. We recommend updating to the 'ruby21' target as
soon as possible if you are still using 'ruby20'.

Check the current setting via:

	eselect ruby show

Change the current setting to Ruby MRI 2.1 via:

	eselect ruby set ruby21

Packages can be reinstalled for ruby21 only by using the -N option of

  emerge -uvDNq world