python-exec 2.3 reclaims python* symlinks

Title: python-exec 2.3 reclaims python* symlinks
Author: Michał Górny <>
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Posted: 2017-01-21
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The new versions of python-exec (2.3 and newer) are reclaiming multiple
Python-related symlinks in /usr/bin, most notably /usr/bin/python*. This
may result in your package manager reporting file collisions.

The respective symlinks were previously either unowned and created
dynamically by app-eselect/eselect-python, or installed by it. From now
on, all Python-related symlinks are installed and handled
by python-exec. This ensures that they respect the python-exec
configuration files and variables consistently with regular Python
packages, and improves their reliability.

If you are using FEATURES=collision-protect, Portage will reject
the upgrade. If this is the case, please temporarily switch to
FEATURES=protect-owned for the upgrade.

If you are using FEATURES=protect-owned, Portage will verbosely warn
about the file collisions but will proceed with the upgrade once
determining no replaced files are owned. Please disregard the warning.

The potentially colliding files are:

 * /usr/bin/2to3
 * /usr/bin/idle
 * /usr/bin/pydoc
 * /usr/bin/python
 * /usr/bin/python2
 * /usr/bin/python3
 * /usr/bin/python-config

For more information on python-exec, please see: