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1.  Project Description

The Apache herd is responsible for maintaining the Apache httpd server in Gentoo, and many of its modules. We also maintain a build infrastructure so that other modules may be easily added in a standard way to Apache.

Note: We do not maintain any of the other projects. Check the metadata.xml of those packages for the correct maintainer.

2.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Krzysztof Pawlik nelchael Member
Christian Parpart trapni Member

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

3.  Resources

Resources offered by the Apache project are:

4.  Herds

The Apache project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description


Page updated March 2, 2008

Summary: The Apache herd maintains the Apache httpd server, an eclass to use the Apache build infrastructure, and many of its modules.

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