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Git changes & impact to Overlays hostnames (Apr 25, 2015)

Changes to the Gentoo Git hosting setup may require URL changes in your checkouts: Repositories are now only available via git.gentoo.org for authenticated users and anongit.gentoo.org for read-only traffic.

Gentoo announces total website makeover (not an April Fool's) (Mar 31, 2015)

Thank you for participating in Gentoo’s 2015 April Fools’ joke!

Now that April 1 has passed, we shed a tear as we say goodbye CGA Web™ but also to our website. Our previous website, that is, that has been with us for more than a decade.

Security Advisories from our Security database

GLSA 201507-22 e2fsprogs: Arbitrary code execution normal
GLSA 201507-21 libXfont: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201507-20 PostgreSQL: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201507-19 MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201507-18 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities normal

New Packages more at the Gentoo Packages database

python-ironicclient Python bindings for the Ironic API
attrdict A dict with attribute-style access
boto3 The AWS SDK for Python
botocore Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
guzzle_sphinx_theme Sphinx theme used by Guzzle.

Fresh Documentation on the Gentoo Wiki

Portage log/ja started by Kawasaki
Banana Pi started by Jonasstein
Piwik started by Nexus
How to read and write in Japanese/ja started by Shiota
Eclean/ru started by Shelhelix