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Gentoo Linux becomes an SPI associated project (Apr 10, 2024)

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As of this March, Gentoo Linux has become an Associated Project of Software in the Public Interest, see also the formal invitation by the Board of Directors of SPI. Software in the Public Interest (SPI) is a non-profit corporation founded to act as a fiscal sponsor for organizations that develop open source software and hardware. It provides services such as accepting donations, holding funds and assets, … SPI qualifies for 501(c)(3) (U.S. non-profit organization) status. This means that all donations made to SPI and its supported projects are tax deductible for donors in the United States. Read on for more details…

Gentoo x86-64-v3 binary packages available (Feb 4, 2024)

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End of December 2023 we already made our official announcement of binary Gentoo package hosting. The initial package set for amd64 was and is base-line x86-64, i.e., it should work on any 64bit Intel or AMD machine. Now, we are happy to announce that there is also a separate package set using the extended x86-64-v3 ISA (i.e., microarchitecture level) available for the same software. If your hardware supports it, use it and enjoy the speed-up! Read on for more details…

New packages at the Gentoo packages database

dev-python/btrfsutil Library for managing Btrfs filesystems
dev-ml/async_log Logging library built on top of Async_unix
dev-ml/cstruct Access C-like structures directly from OCaml
dev-ml/uopt An [option]-like type that incurs no allocation
dev-ml/ppx_diff A PPX rewriter that genreates the implementation of [Ldiffable.S].

Fresh documentation on the Gentoo wiki

/etc/portage/package.license/ja started by Shinmili
WikiFile:Hyperviseur.svg started by Egberts
SDDM/zh-hans started by Shaoyujun
Limine started by Keravnos
Rootfs encryption/ja started by Niluna