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GSoC 2016: Five projects accepted (Apr 28, 2016)

We are excited to announce that 5 students have been selected to participate with Gentoo during the Google Summer of Code 2016!

You can follow our students’ progress on the gentoo-soc mailing list and chat with us regarding our GSoC projects via IRC in #gentoo-soc on freenode.
Congratulations to all the students. We look forward to their contributions!

Find out more about the accepted projects

New Packages more at the Gentoo Packages database

nim compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language
PEAR-Net_LDAP3 PEAR:Net_LDAP2 successor, provides functionality for accessing LDAP
ruby_dep Creates a version constraint of supported Rubies,suitable for a gemspec file
urdf_parser_py URDF parser for Python
image_publisher Publish an image stream from single image file or avi file.

Fresh Documentation on the Gentoo Wiki

Bugzilla/Bug report guide/ru started by Cronolio
Prelink/ru started by Cronolio
Wifi/Testing/ru started by Cronolio
Wifi/ru started by Cronolio
Mk802 U-Boot started by Nerdboy