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Gentoo accepted into Google Summer of Code 2023 (Feb 22, 2023)

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Do you want to learn more about Gentoo and contribute to your favourite free software project?! Once again, now for the 11th time, we have been accepted as a mentoring organization for this year’s Google Summer of Code!

The GSoC is an excellent opportunity for gaining real-world experience in software design and making oneself known in the broader open source community. It also looks great on a resume. Some initial project ideas can be found here, but new projects ideas are also welcome. For new projects time is of the essence: they have to be worked out, discussed with the mentors, and submitted before the April 4th deadline. It is strongly recommended that contributors refine new project ideas with a mentor before proposing the idea formally.

Potential GSoC contributors are encouraged to e-mail the GSoC admins with their name, IRC nickname, and the desired project, and discuss ideas in the #gentoo-soc IRC channel on Libera Chat. Further information can be found on the Gentoo GSoC 2023 wiki page. Those with unanswered questions should also not hesitate to contact the Summer of Code mentors via their mailing list.

2022 in retrospect & late happy new year 2023! (Feb 9, 2023)

Gentoo Fireworks A quite late Happy New Year 2023 to all of you!

Once again with 2022 an eventful year has passed, and Gentoo is still alive and kicking! 2023 already started some time ago and some of us have even already been meeting up and networking at FOSDEM 2023. Still, we are happy to present once more a review of the Gentoo news of the past year 2022. Read on for new developers, distribution wide initiatives and improvements, up-to-date numbers on Gentoo development, tales from the infrastructure, and all the fresh new packages you can emerge now.

New packages at the Gentoo packages database

dev-ml/memtrace Streaming client for OCaml's Memprof
sec-keys/openpgp-keys-pv OpenPGP keys used by Andrew Wood for sys-apps/pv
sys-devel/crosstool-ng Versatile (cross-)toolchain generator
gui-wm/dwl dwm for Wayland
dev-perl/Object-Pad Simple syntax for lexical field-based objects

Fresh documentation on the Gentoo wiki

My personal template examples page started by Brendlefly62
VirtualBox/ja started by Shinmili
GRUB/de started by Malternative
Radxa ROCK Pi 4C Plus/Cheating started by Brendlefly62
Pgo (disambiguation) started by Ris