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GSoC 2016: Five projects accepted (Apr 28, 2016)

We are excited to announce that 5 students have been selected to participate with Gentoo during the Google Summer of Code 2016!

You can follow our students’ progress on the gentoo-soc mailing list and chat with us regarding our GSoC projects via IRC in #gentoo-soc on freenode.
Congratulations to all the students. We look forward to their contributions!

Find out more about the accepted projects

Security Advisories from our Security database

GLSA 201605-06 Mozilla Products: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201605-05 Linux-PAM: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201605-04 rsync: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201605-03 libfpx: Denial of Service normal
GLSA 201605-02 Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities normal

New Packages more at the Gentoo Packages database

rtirq Modify realtime scheduling policy and priority of IRQ handlers
nbsphinx Jupyter Notebook Tools for Sphinx
widgetsnbextension IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter
gtklick A simple metronome with an easy-to-use GTK interface
mangband Online multiplayer real-time roguelike game, derived from Angband.

Fresh Documentation on the Gentoo Wiki

Initramfs/Guide/es started by Nimiux
Mutt/es started by Nimiux
Lenovo ThinkPad T400 started by Needle
Toshiba Radius 12 started by Luciano
EFI System partition started by Charles17