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FOSDEM is near (Jan 30, 2018)

Excitement is building with FOSDEM 2018 only a few days away. There are now 14 current and one former developer in planned attendance, along with many from the Gentoo community.

This year one Gentoo related talk titled Unix? Windows? Gentoo! will be given by Michael Haubenwallner (haubi ) of the Gentoo Prefix project.

Two more non-Gentoo related talks will be given by current Gentoo developers:

If you attend don’t miss out on your opportunity to build the Gentoo web-of-trust by bringing a valid governmental ID, a printed key fingerprint, and various UIDs you want certified. See you at FOSDEM!

FOSDEM 2018 (Jan 3, 2018)

FOSDEM 2018 logo

Put on your cow bells and follow the herd of Gentoo developers to Université libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium. This year FOSDEM 2018 will be held on February 3rd and 4th.

Our developers will be ready to candidly greet all open source enthusiasts at the Gentoo stand in building K. Visit this year’s wiki page to see which developer will be running the stand during the different visitation time slots. So far seven developers have specified their attendance, with most-likely more on the way!

Unlike past years, Gentoo will not be hosting a keysigning party, however participants are encouraged to exchange and verify OpenPGP key data to continue building the Gentoo Web of Trust. See the wiki article for more details.

New packages more at the Gentoo packages database

thunderbolt-software-user-space Thunderbolt(TM) user-space components
vgm Virtual Geometry Model for High Energy Physics Experiments
kubectx Fast way to switch between clusters and namespaces in kubectl
sngrep Ncurses SIP Messages flow viewer
cool-retro-term terminal emulator which mimics the look and feel of the old cathode tube screens

Fresh documentation on the Gentoo wiki

Ebuild repository/de started by Surst
PHP/Upgrading to PHP 7.1 started by Grknight
Google Summer of Code/2018/Ideas/Improve OpenPGP support for bugzilla started by Bircoph
Google Summer of Code/2018/Mentors started by Aliceinwire
Willikins started by Jstein