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In Memory of Kent “kentnl” Fredric (Feb 12, 2021)

Gentoo mourns the sudden loss of Kent Fredric, also known to us by his IRC handle kent\n. He passed away following a tragic accident a few days ago.

Kent was an active member of the Gentoo community for many years. He tirelessly managed Gentoo’s Perl support, and was active in the Rust project as well as in many other corners. We all remember him as an enthusiastic, bright person, with lots of eye for detail and constant willingness to help out and improve things. On behalf of the world-wide Gentoo community, our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

Please join us in remembering Kent on the Gentoo forums.

New packages at the Gentoo packages database

app-crypt/openpgp-keys-rust Rust Language Tag and Release Signing Key
dev-libs/imath Imath basic math package
dev-util/diff-cover Find diff lines that do not have test coverage
dev-util/gi-docgen A documentation generator for GObject-based libraries
dev-python/typogrify Filters for web typography, supporting Django & Jinja templates