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Git changes & impact to Overlays hostnames (Apr 25, 2015)

Changes to the Gentoo Git hosting setup may require URL changes in your checkouts: Repositories are now only available via git.gentoo.org for authenticated users and anongit.gentoo.org for read-only traffic.

Developer Blogs live from Planet Gentoo

Denis Dupeyron It is GSoC season again
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Kristian Fiskerstrand Gentoo at FOSDEM 2016
Andreas K. Hüttel Gentoo at FOSDEM: Posters (systemd, arches)
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Security Advisories from our Security database

GLSA 201602-01 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201601-05 OpenSSL: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201601-04 OpenSMTPD: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201601-03 Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities normal
GLSA 201601-02 WebKitGTK+: Multiple vulnerabilities normal