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Hardened Linux kernel sources removal (Aug 19, 2017)

As you may know the core of sys-kernel/hardened-sources has been the grsecurity patches. Recently the grsecurity developers have decided to limit access to these patches. As a result, the Gentoo Hardened team is unable to ensure a regular patching schedule and therefore the security of the users of these kernel sources. Thus, we will be masking hardened-sources on the 27th of August and will proceed to remove them from the main ebuild repository by the end of September. We recommend to use sys-kernel/gentoo-sources instead. Userspace hardening and support for SELinux will of course remain in the Gentoo ebuild repository. Please see the full news item for additional information and links.

New packages more at the Gentoo packages database

maildir A library for reading and writing arbitrary messages in DJB's maildir format
elasticsearch-api Ruby integrations for ES, elasticsearch-api module
elasticsearch-transport Ruby integrations for ES, elasticsearch-transport module
elasticsearch Ruby integrations for ES, elasticsearch module
alt-ergo Automatic theorem prover

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