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1.  Project Description

The Arch Testers team is responsible with helping x86 devs testing packages which are to be marked stable. Arch testers are respected members of the community which the x86 team has recognized as being reliable and trustworthy.

2.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Agostino Sarubbo ago Lead ( Subproject Lead )

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

3.  Arch Testers

Name Nickname Status Email address
Sander Knopper saknopper Inactive sander (AT)
Jesus de Santos Garcia ent Inactive icg_ent (AT)
Myckel Habets Myckel Active myckel (AT) sdf DOT lonestar DOT org
Dan Dexter wulfmahn Inactive wulfmahn (AT) gmail DOT com
Andreas Schuerch nativemad Developer
Dane Smith c1pher Developer / Inactive
Ryan Hill dirtyepic Developer
Christian Faulhammer Fauli/Opfer Developer
Markus Meier maekke Developer
Kacper Kowalik xarthisius Developer
Jeff Horelick jdhore Developer
Emanuele Gentili bathym Inactive bathym (AT)
Greg Watson LinuxKrn Inactive bugs (AT)
Matthias Langer mlangc Inactive mlangc (AT)
Alex Maclean Monkeh Inactive monkeh (AT)
David Morgan djm Inactive david.morgan (AT)
Dimitry Bradt diox Developer (retired)
Charlie Shepherd masterdriverz Developer (retired)

4.  Documentation

The Gentoo/x86 team has put together some documentation to help aspiring arch testers get started:

5.  How to Participate

If you are interested in helping Gentoo, and you are not sure how to start, then joining the Gentoo/x86 Arch Tester team may be a great start for you. If you have any questions, please contact any of the developers listed on the page via email or IRC. We are always looking for more testers, so don't think that your help will go unappreciated.


Page updated September 11, 2011

Summary: Testers who assist Gentoo/x86 developers in testing packages that are to be marked stable.

Mark Loeser

Christian Faulhammer

Thomas Kahle

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