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1.  Project Description

What we do, and who we are

The Gentoo Overlays team looks after * websites. We work with infra to provide the service to Gentoo projects and developers. We create and administer individual overlays. We keep abreast of changes in the needs of anyone running an overlay, so that we can keep the service useful to everyone who wants to use it.

2.  Project Goals

Our goal is to provide a central home for overlays.

3.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Christian Ruppert idl0r Member ( Git, SVN, Trac, Infra liaison )
Robin H. Johnson robbat2 Member ( Git )
Sebastian Pipping sping Member ( Git )
Theo Chatzimichos tampakrap Member ( Git, SVN )
Thomas Sachau tommy Member ( Sunrise Passwords, Git )

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

4.  Resources

Resources offered by the Overlays project are:

5.  Participating

#gentoo-overlays on

The best way to reach us on IRC is the #gentoo-overlays channel on


Page updated January 13, 2011

Summary: The Gentoo Overlays team is responsible for the administration of the overlays and the * websites.

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