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1.  Project Description

The Gentoo VMware project ("vmware") is the official Gentoo project for the maintenance and development of VMware and VMware-related products in the Gentoo package repository. It is also responsible for creating and maintaining relations with VMware, Inc.

2.  Project Goals

The goals of the Gentoo VMware project are to coordinate the development of VMware-related ebuilds in the portage tree, and to establish good relations with VMware, Inc.

3.  Developers

Developer Nickname Role
Andreas Hüttel dilfridge Member
Mike Gilbert floppym Member

All developers can be reached by e-mail using

4.  Recruitment

We are currently looking for users interested in helping the project with one or more jobs.

To learn more, visit the Staffing Needs page.

5.  Herds

The vmware project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description
vmware dilfridge, floppym Handles all issues with VMware and VMware-related ebuilds in Gentoo


Page updated 17 May 2009

Summary: The Gentoo VMware project maintains the VMware packages in the Gentoo portage tree, as well as contacts with VMware, Inc.

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