Gentoo Logo vulnerability when using DAV servers


1.  Gentoo Linux Security Advisory

Version Information

Advisory Reference GLSA 200405-04 / openoffice
Release Date May 11, 2004
Latest Revision October 27, 2004: 02
Impact high
Exploitable remote
Package Vulnerable versions Unaffected versions Architecture(s)
app-office/openoffice <= 1.1.1 >= 1.1.1-r1 Intel compatible
app-office/openoffice <= 1.0.3-r1 >= 1.0.3-r2 PowerPC
app-office/openoffice <= 1.1.0-r3 >= 1.1.0-r4 Sparc
app-office/openoffice-ximian <= 1.1.51 >= 1.1.51-r1 All supported architectures
app-office/openoffice-bin < 1.1.2 >= 1.1.2 All supported architectures
app-office/openoffice-ximian-bin <= 1.1.52 * All supported architectures

Warning: *: Needs to be manually updated

Related bugreports: #47926


Several format string vulnerabilities are present in the Neon library included in, allowing remote execution of arbitrary code when connected to an untrusted WebDAV server.

2.  Impact Information

Background is an office productivity suite, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, data charting, formula editing, and file conversion facilities.

Description includes code from the Neon library in functions related to publication on WebDAV servers. This library is vulnerable to several format string attacks.


If you use the WebDAV publication and connect to a malicious WebDAV server, this server can exploit these vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary code with the rights of the user running

3.  Resolution Information


As a workaround, you should not use the WebDAV publication facilities.


There is no Ximian binary version including the fix yet. All users of the openoffice-ximian-bin package making use of the WebDAV openoffice-ximian source-based package.

openoffice users on the x86 architecture should:

Code Listing 3.1: Resolution

# emerge sync
# emerge -pv ">=app-office/openoffice-1.1.1-r1"
# emerge ">=app-office/openoffice-1.1.1-r1"

openoffice users on the sparc architecture should:

Code Listing 3.2: Resolution

# emerge sync
# emerge -pv ">=app-office/openoffice-1.1.0-r3"
# emerge ">=app-office/openoffice-1.1.0-r3"

openoffice users on the ppc architecture should:

Code Listing 3.3: Resolution

# emerge sync
# emerge -pv ">=app-office/openoffice-1.0.3-r1"
# emerge ">=app-office/openoffice-1.0.3-r1"

openoffice-ximian users should:

Code Listing 3.4: Resolution

# emerge sync
# emerge -pv ">=app-office/openoffice-ximian-1.1.51-r1"
# emerge ">=app-office/openoffice-ximian-1.1.51-r1"

openoffice-bin users should:

Code Listing 3.5: Resolution

# emerge sync
# emerge -pv ">=app-office/openoffice-bin-1.1.2"
# emerge ">=app-office/openoffice-bin-1.1.2"

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