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xine-lib: Multiple overflows


1.  Gentoo Linux Security Advisory

Version Information

Advisory Reference GLSA 200501-07 / xine-lib
Release Date January 06, 2005
Latest Revision January 06, 2005: 01
Impact normal
Exploitable remote
Package Vulnerable versions Unaffected versions Architecture(s)
media-libs/xine-lib < 1_rc8-r1 >= 1_rc8-r1, revision >= 1_rc6-r1 All supported architectures

Related bugreports: #74475


xine-lib contains multiple overflows potentially allowing execution of arbitrary code.

2.  Impact Information


xine-lib is a multimedia library which can be utilized to create multimedia frontends.


Ariel Berkman discovered that xine-lib reads specific input data into an array without checking the input size in demux_aiff.c, making it vulnerable to a buffer overflow (CAN-2004-1300) . iDefense discovered that the PNA_TAG handling code in pnm_get_chunk() does not check if the input size is larger than the buffer size (CAN-2004-1187). iDefense also discovered that in this same function, a negative value could be given to an unsigned variable that specifies the read length of input data (CAN-2004-1188).


A remote attacker could craft a malicious movie or convince a targeted user to connect to a malicious PNM server, which could result in the execution of arbitrary code with the rights of the user running any xine-lib frontend.

3.  Resolution Information


There is no known workaround at this time.


All xine-lib users should upgrade to the latest version:

Code Listing 3.1: Resolution

# emerge --sync
# emerge --ask --oneshot --verbose media-libs/xine-lib

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Summary: This is a Gentoo Linux Security Advisory

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