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1.  Gentoo文档资源



捷克文 | 英文 | 法文 | 德文 | 意大利文 | 日文 | 波兰文 | 简体中文 | 西班牙文



如果你发现我们文档中的bug或者有建议要提,请使用我们的Bug跟踪系统,为“Documentation”或者“Doc Other”提交一个bug报告。这些bug报告将由Gentoo文档项目处理。



2.  项目相关文档


Gentoo/AMD64 Howtos  ¹: Here, you can find the Gentoo/AMD64 Howtos.

Gentoo Embedded Handbook ¹: The Gentoo Embedded Handbook is the center point for all Embedded work done with Gentoo. It aims to cover just about all aspects of the process -- from theory to design to practice.

A short guide to Gentoo/FreeBSD: This document gives some general information on FreeBSD, as well as installation instructions for Gentoo/FreeBSD. It also includes some reference for people interested in helping out with development.

Gentoo x86 Arch Tester's FAQ ¹: This document is the x86 Arch Tester's bible.


Gentoo开发者手册: 这是Gentoo开发者手册,本手册搜集了Gentoo开发策略并且概述了Gentoo开发系统和开发过程。

Developer Relations Policy Guide:Developer Relations Policy Guide


Gentoo Linux Documentation Policy ¹: This document contains the Gentoo Documentation Policy, which is the base document which all Gentoo Documentation developers and Contributors should know and exercise.

文档开发心得与技巧: 一些将Gentoo文档开发工作变简单的心得技巧

Handbook Release Guide: This guide details the process for updating the handbooks and related documentation for each new Gentoo Linux release.

How to Install Gorg ¹: This guide describes how to install and configure gorg.

Translators Howto for Gentoo Documentation ¹: A frequently asked question is how to become a translator and what actions should be performed both to become one and to act as one. This document tries to explain all this.

Gentoo Metadoc XML Guide ¹: This guide informs developers how to use the Metadoc XML format that allows the Gentoo Documentation Project to keep its documentation in a hierarchical manner and allow more information to be stored about each document.


Introduction to Hardened Gentoo ¹:A Primer on Hardened Gentoo.

Gentoo Hardened常见问题: #gentoo-hardened IRC频道和gentoo-hardened邮件列表中的用户经常提出的问题。

Using Xorg on Hardened Gentoo ¹: How to install and use Xorg on Hardened Gentoo

Hardened Gentoo PaX Quickstart: Understanding and working with PaX in Hardened Gentoo.

Gentoo Grsecurity v2 Guide: This document features the grsecurity 2.x security patches, supported kernel configuration options and tools provided by the grsecurity project to lift your system's security to higher standards.

POSIX Capabilities: POSIX capabilities are a partitioning of the all powerful root privilege into a set of distinct privileges

Gentoo Hardened / SELinux Documentation ¹: All our SELinux documentation have moved to the Gentoo Wiki.

Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) for Linux - Overview ¹: This document should give you an overview of RSBAC access control system.

Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) for Linux - Quickstart ¹:This document will guide you through the installation of the RSBAC on Gentoo Linux


Gentoo E-mail System for developers: This document describes what you, as a Gentoo Developer, can expect from our e-mail system, and provides configuration details you require.

SSH access to This mini-guide explains on how to create and use ssh-keys, especially for use on

Gentoo Developer/Test Machines: This document describes the computers that are available to Gentoo developers specifically for development purposes.

Gentoo Infrastructure Server Specifications: This page lists the servers used and supported by the Gentoo Infrastructure project.

SSH Configuration Guide for Gentoo Infrastructure Servers: This guide documents how OpenSSH should be configured on Gentoo Infrastructure servers.

Web Space Configuration for This guide documents how a Gentoo developer can configure their personal webspace on our dev cluster.


Gentoo ProjectXML Guide ¹: This guide shows you how to create an official GuideXML page for a Gentoo Linux Project. The guide assumes a basic knowledge of the GuideXML format.


Presentation Howto ¹: Learn to write and structure Gentoo presentations.


Catalyst FAQ ¹: Frequently asked questions relating to the Catalyst tool.

Gentoo Linux Installer ¹: An introduction to the Gentoo Linux Installer project discussing its purpose, design structure, and participants.

Gentoo Linux Release Guidelines ¹: This guide covers both the QA and release guidelines for the Gentoo Linux biannual release system.

System profile update procedure for 2004.0 ¹: This guide explains both the philosophy and the process behind the 2004.0 profile naming scheme change.


Gentoo Linux Security ¹: This page is the entry point for all Gentoo Linux security concerns.

Gentoo Linux Vulnerability Treatment Policy ¹: This document describes the policy used in Gentoo Linux to treat vulnerabilities discovered in the packages made available to our users.

GLSA Coordinator Guide: This document contains procedures, tips and tricks applying to the GLSA Coordinator job.

Security Padawans process and status: This document contains procedures applying to the security team recruitment process and current recruit status.

Tips for searching and filtering Security bugs ¹: This document gives tips and hints for helping filter security-related bugzilla bugs.


Gentoo Forums Moderator Policies and Guidelines ¹: This guide is a set of basic rules and policies for moderating the Gentoo Forums

Gentoo Overlay文档

Gentoo Overlays: Users' Guide ¹: This guide helps users understand how to use the Gentoo Overlays service.

Gentoo Overlays: Developers' Guide ¹: This guide helps developers and contributors understand how to use the Gentoo Overlays service.

Gentoo Overlays Policy ¹: This is the policy document governing the Gentoo Overlays service.

¹ 未翻译的文件

更新于2015年 3月 27日

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