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1.  Installation media

Gentoo Linux is available free over the Internet. You can download Gentoo Linux (weekly autobuilds) from the appropriate iso and architecture link below.

Please consult our Gentoo Handbooks for more information on what to download, how to install Gentoo, and how to verify the validity of our media.

If you prefer to select a local mirror yourself, see Gentoo Mirrors.

2.  Technical details

Descriptions, release notes, roadmaps, sub-projects, and GPG signing keys as well as a list of the Gentoo Developers who work on the Gentoo release media can all be found on our Release Engineering Project page.

Gentoo Weekly Minimal Install CD and Stages (autobuilds)

Our Release Engineering team provides new minimal install CDs and stages on a weekly basis. You can find these releases on any of our mirrors in /releases/<arch>/current-iso/ or /releases/<arch>/current-stage3/. Not every architecture is updated on the same day. Not all architectures release CD images.

Since these releases are built automatically by Release Engineering servers, there is some chance that a stage or CD may not be produced for a given week. When this happens, just use the latest CD and stage available. More releases are available on our mirrors in /releases/<arch>/autobuilds/. Use this directory if there isn't anything recent enough in current-iso/ or current-stage3/.

3.  Other media

Gentoo 20121221

LiveDVD (released December 21, 2012)
(up to 3.7 gigabytes depending on arch)
amd64 x86

Gentoo 12.1

LiveDVD (released April 1, 2012)
(up to 3.6 gigabytes depending on arch)
amd64 x86

Gentoo 12.0

LiveDVD (released January 1, 2012)
(up to 3.6 gigabytes depending on arch)
amd64 x86

Gentoo 11.2

LiveDVD (released August 7, 2011)
(up to 2.8 gigabytes depending on arch)
amd64 x86

Gentoo 11.0

LiveDVD (released March 8, 2011)
(up to 2.6 gigabytes depending on arch)
amd64 x86

Gentoo DVDs and CDs

If you simply don't have the ability to download the large DVD or CD images, then you may wish to purchase a Gentoo DVD or CD.

Page updated April 26, 2014

Summary: How to obtain Gentoo Linux from the Internet.

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