Become a Developer

Getting Guidance: Your central point of contact for all questions about becoming a developer is the Gentoo Recruiters team. Please do not hesitate to contact them!

How do I get started?

First of all, you need an area of Gentoo you want to contribute to, be it support, package maintenance, artwork, or documentation. You can find some pointers to what you could do on our website. Projects also publish specific Staffing Needs for specific tasks that need to be done. You are very much free to use these as your kickstart into Gentoo and venture to other areas of the project later on.

Getting a Mentor

If you enjoy working on the distribution and would like to continue, the next step is to find a mentor. It’s very likely a current developer who is working on the same things as you are can be that for you. Should there be noone available to be your mentor, do ask the Gentoo Recruiters.

Quiz and Review

When you have found your mentor, you will now work together with them on completing one or two quizzes—depending on your area of contribution. These are in place to ensure you are up to speed with the basic structure, policies, and procedures of the project and you feel comfortable working with us.

Your mentor will file a ticket for you on our bug tracker that officially starts the recruitment process. After that, your completed quizzes should be sent to the recruiters and when someone is available, they will sit down (well, figuratively, as it’s on IRC) with you to review your quizzes and answer any questions you might have.

Jumping the Gap

When recruiters are confident you’re ready, they will complete the process by setting you up with access to the various developer services of Gentoo.

What do I get?

Besides the warm feeling of contributing to Free and Open Source Software you ask?

Okay, there are indeed a few perks: You get an email address, matching IRC cloak, special access flags on our Wiki and Bugzilla, and a few other things to facilitate your development efforts.