Getting help with Gentoo

Gentoo is a volunteer-driven distribution and so are our support options: We have a great Gentoo community that tests and helps document many aspects of the Gentoo distribution.

We advise you to seek answers to your support questions in the following documentation resources and support venues:

Many Gentoo developers frequently visit those community channels and try their best to contribute to the ongoing discussions and questions.

Hardware requirements

The hardware requirements for each architecture are placed in our Gentoo Handbook, in the Choosing the right installation medium chapter for your respective architecture.

Reporting bugs

Found a bug? Please report it!

Please make sure that the problem is not caused by a misconfiguration on your part.
Our support venues help you ascertain whether your issue warrants a bug report.
Prior to reporting your first bug, please take a look at our guide to creating beautiful bug reports.

When you're ready to report the issue, head over to our Bugzilla, where you can file a bug after registering and logging in.