Gentoo code repositories

All the code that powers Gentoo is only one git clone away:

Git repositories

Repositories including the main ebuild repository, overlays (custom ebuild repositories), website code, and other project code are available in Git repositories.
We offer anonymous read-only access (AnonGit) via the HTTP and Git protocols as well as a web-based source code browser.

The URLs needed to clone repositories can be found on the project pages in the source code browser. Unless you have an account on, please use the URL(s).

Additionally, we mirror some repositories on GitHub to aid in facilitating community contributions. You can find them all under the Gentoo organization.

CVS repositories

Historical repositories are still available via CVS.
We offer anonymous read-only access (AnonCVS) as well as a web-based source code browser for CVS repositories.

Want +w?

Please contact the listed repository owners to find out their contribution policy. The main ebuild repository requires you to be a Gentoo developer to commit.