Mailing lists

The Gentoo free software project has a number of public mailing lists, covering a variety of Gentoo-related subjects.

This page lists the most important lists with the most traffic. There are other, more specialized lists that might be more appropriate depending on the topic.

Like all of our Gentoo community venues, the mailing lists are governed by our Code of Conduct.

Please ensure you read the list instructions & FAQs for help mailing the lists. You must be subscribed (regular, digest or nomail) to send mail to the lists. Mail from unsubscribed addresses will be dropped.

Main lists


This is our main community support and general discussion mailing list.

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General Gentoo developer technical discussion mailing list.

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General Gentoo announcements list (new releases, security fixes).

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All of our public mailing lists are archived in the Gentoo archives:
Gentoo archives

The following sites also host archives of the mailing lists:
MARC: Mailing list ARChives Mail-Archive