"Gentoo" is many things; our project is rather large. This page will help you get in touch with the right people.

Please select an item that describes your matter best:

I need help with installing or using a Gentoo system

Support for Gentoo is provided by our awesome community. You have the choice to use our forums, mailing lists, or IRC channels to get help with your (future or current) Gentoo system.

For more information, check out our dedicated support page.

I want to report an issue with a package that Gentoo provides

Before reporting issues, please make sure that the problem is not caused by a misconfiguration on your part.
Our support venues help you ascertain whether your issue warrants a bug report.
Prior to reporting your first bug, please take a look at our guide to creating beautiful bug reports.
When you're ready to report the issue, head over to our Bugzilla, where you can file a bug after registering and logging in.

Security issues
If you would like to report a vulnerability in one of our packages, please get in touch with our Security.

I found wrong or outdated content on a website on *

Depending on the type of content you have found to be wrong, there are different steps to take:

The content is part of the wiki (
In this case, please sign up to the wiki and try to make the changes yourself
If you can't because you are not authorized, or are unsure about your change, please add a comment to the discussion page of the respective article.

The content is elsewhere
If the content is not part of the Wiki, please let the Gentoo Webmasters know.

Something is wrong with a Gentoo server or service that operates *

The Gentoo Infrastructure project maintains services.

Before contacting them, please check our Infrastructure Status page. If the issue you would like to report is already listed there; or the service in question marked as being down or in maintenance, you don't need to send another message, they are already aware.

I have a question regarding donations, or legal stuff like trademarks and copyrights

For information about donations, the Gentoo Foundation, or anything else related to Gentoo intellectual property, trademarks, and copyrights, you will likely want to speak to the Gentoo Foundation's Board of Trustees.

I have a generic question or nothing above really fits

The PR project does not provide user support or troubleshooting advice.
Please do not contact them with such inquiries and refer to our support information instead.

Please get in touch with our Public Relations project.

Where do I send postal mail for the distribution?

Please get in touch with our Public Relations project before posting anything. They will provide you with the correct address depending on the matter.

Where do I send postal mail for the Gentoo Foundation?

The Gentoo Foundation Board of Trustees receives written material only (no parcels) at the following address. For any other physical mail, please get in touch with the Board of Trustees before posting anything.

Gentoo Foundation Inc.
500 Westover Dr. #10605
Sanford, NC, 27330
United States