Contribute to Gentoo

There are plenty of things you can do to make Gentoo even better.
Here's your chance to leave a mark on our distribution!

Provide community support

Join the awesome crowd of helpful people in our IRC channels, on our forums and on the mailing lists.
If a topic is being discussed that you're knowledgeable on, please feel free to contribute and help out a fellow user.

Unanswered questions on the forums Join #gentoo Mailing lists

Improve documentation

Our wiki is the central documentation resource made by the community for the community.
Found something that needs to be documented, improved, translated, or rewritten? Sign up and get it done!

Create new articles Edit existing docs Translate

Maintain ebuilds

Packages are the very essence of our distribution. Maintaining them is one of the most important tasks we have.

Our packages are installed via ebuilds. There are various resources that can help you get accustomed with the creation and maintenance of these powerful little bash scripts:

Before becoming a developer, you can test and improve your ebuild writing skills by contributing to one of the third-party ebuild repositories, testing packages as Architecture tester or work together with a developer and act as Proxy maintainer for a small set of packages.

How to submit ebuilds Contribute to GURU user repository Become arch tester Become proxy maintainer

Report and resolve bugs

If you've come across flaw in a package in our distribution, please take a moment to report it on our Bugzilla bug tracker. Of course we also appreciate you reporting solutions to existing entries and not just problems. 😉

Below are resources that explain how to get started:

Bugzilla guide Reporting beautiful bugs

Create artwork and designs

Got an idea for a cool wallpaper, case badge, graphic item, web feature, or anything else that will be a pleasure to look at?
Make it happen and let us know!

Contact the Artwork team Contact the Web team

Sponsor infrastructure

Gentoo is largely run on sponsored infrastructure, as we can only sustain the very core machines of the distribution.

If you have access to machines, bandwidth, or co-location and wish to support Gentoo, please get in touch with our Infrastructure project.

Offer infrastructure resources

Provide a mirror

Mirrors provide users around the globe with speedy access to the latest ebuilds, program sources, stage archives, and boot media.
Users in Africa, Asia, and Oceania would especially appreciate further bandwidth in their respective regions.

Join the Gentoo mirror network


Even if you're not a master of technology, artwork guru, or support specialist, you can contribute to Gentoo by helping to cover our running costs.

Donate now

Looking for specific tasks? The Gentoo projects publish their staffing needs on the wiki. You are also always welcome to pick a bug and work on it.