::gentoo news items

Important news regarding packages available via Gentoo's main ebuild repository are published via news items. They can be found below.

Which items affect me?

This page lists all available news items for the main Gentoo ebuild repository (::gentoo); sometimes items do not affect a system because the relevant package is not installed or the news item only affects certain architecture(s).
The emerge command provides notifications after each operation if there are news items affecting the system configuration:

  * IMPORTANT: 2 news items need reading for repository 'gentoo'.
  * Use eselect news to read news items.

Use eselect news read new to read the pending items and mark them as read.

For more information on the "Critical News" publication system, please see GLEP 42.

Published news items

Date Title
2024-06-05 Upgrading to TeX Live 2023
2024-05-17 Changes to dracut kernel module/microcode handling
2024-05-09 Python 3.12 to become the default on 2024-06-01
2024-05-07 dev-lang/perl useflags become a PERL_FEATURES use-expand
2024-05-06 media-video/wireplumber-0.5.2 may break on upgrade
2024-03-22 Profile upgrade to version 23.0 available
2024-02-26 installkernel is no longer implicitly installed
2024-02-01 GRUB upgrades
2024-01-30 installkernel new USE flag systemd-boot
2024-01-18 Merging of installkernel-gentoo and installkernel-systemd
2024-01-05 Separate /usr now requires an initramfs
2023-12-28 LXD to lose access for its image server
2023-11-20 CUPS no longer directly depends on its filters
2023-05-21 Plasma Profile to enable PipeWire, Wayland support
2023-05-11 OpenSSH directory configuration changes
2023-04-02 Python 3.11 to become the default on 2023-05-01
2023-01-28 Breaking changes to the RAP Prefix toolchain
2023-01-01 Hardened profiles improvements
2022-12-27 Introduction of app-alternatives ebuilds
2022-12-01 /usr merge for systemd users
2022-11-21 systemd-tmpfiles --clean enabled by default
2022-11-19 LVM2 default USE flag change
2022-07-29 PipeWire sound server migration
2022-06-26 Mu 1.7.23 Causing Maildir Corruption
2022-06-13 Python 3.10 to become the default on 2022-07-01
2022-05-23 Breaking configuration changes in borgmatic-1.6.0
2022-05-20 Migration to GLEP-81 enabled webservers
2022-04-19 Migration to sys-apps/systemd-utils
2022-04-17 sys-apps/systemd-utils update needed
2022-04-12 Sandbox issue with ccache 4.6
2022-03-30 Qt 5.15.3 version bump with binary path changes
2022-03-05 Transition from sys-cluster/singularity to app-containers/apptainer
2021-11-23 Full MariaDB database restore maybe required
2021-10-30 net-news/rssguard-4.0 upgrade
2021-10-24 netifrc DHCP client
2021-10-18 migrating from glibc[crypt] to libxcrypt in stable
2021-10-17 dev-libs/openssl USE=bindist removal
2021-10-08 OpenSSH RSA SHA-1 signatures
2021-09-29 Possible failure to preserve libraries
2021-09-24 busybox removal from system set
2021-09-05 setuptools_scm-6.3.0 temporary runtime breakage
2021-08-24 eudev retirement on 2022-01-01
2021-08-19 >=app-misc/mc-4.8.27 to drop support for ~/.mc
2021-08-18 uClibc-ng retirement on 2022-01-01
2021-08-11 OAuth2 Credentials Removed from Chromium
2021-08-01 USE=tcpd no longer globally enabled
2021-07-20 Perl 5.34 upgrade now stable
2021-07-17 new ppc64 profiles
2021-07-16 PulseEffects-5+ are now media-sound/easyeffects
2021-07-15 systemd-tmpfiles replaces deprecated opentmpfiles
2021-06-28 USE flag 'pax_kernel' to be renamed to 'pax-kernel'
2021-06-20 riscv upgrade to 20.0 profiles
2021-05-30 sys-libs/db old SLOT removal
2021-05-18 >=net-p2p/syncthing-1.17.0 incompatibility warning
2021-05-14 x86 support to be dropped from media-gfx/darktable
2021-05-04 Exim>=4.94 transports: tainted not permitted
2021-01-30 New OpenRC Display Manager Initializer Scripts
2021-01-05 LibreSSL support discontinued
2020-12-26 Most stable hppa keywords removed
2020-10-06 kubernetes Split Packages Returning
2020-09-06 riscv multilib profile is going away
2020-06-24 xorg-server dropping default suid
2020-06-23 sys-libs/pam-1.4.0 upgrade
2020-04-22 Potential file collisions during OpenCL upgrade
2020-04-14 Desktop profile switching USE default to elogind
2020-04-04 new ppc64le (little-endian) profiles
2020-04-03 Deprecation of legacy X11 input drivers
2020-03-30 Stable ia64 keywords removed
2020-02-20 OpenSSH 8.2_p1 running sshd breakage
2020-01-23 Stable alpha keywords removed
2019-12-30 Genkernel 4 changed default filenames
2019-11-25 sys-boot/raspberrypi-firmware will not install device tree files
2019-10-29 sys-fs/cryfs-0.10.2 update
2019-07-18 Syncthing 1.2.0 and newer do not interoperate with 0.14.45 and older
2019-06-05 amd64 17.1 profiles are now stable
2019-05-23 Change of ACCEPT_LICENSE default
2018-09-07 ARM 17.0 profile migration with CHOST change
2018-08-07 Migration required for OpenSSH with LDAP
2018-07-11 Portage rsync hardlink support
2018-04-02 Radicale 2 requires pre-install migration
2018-01-30 Portage rsync tree verification
2018-01-23 systemd sysv-utils blocker resolution
2018-01-14 GnuCash 2.7+ Breaking Change
2017-11-30 New 17.0 profiles in the Gentoo repository
2017-11-22 No stable KEYWORDS for Gentoo Games
2017-10-13 OpenRC "service" binary removal
2017-09-19 app-portage/gentoolkit-dev deprecation and removal
2017-08-19 sys-kernel/hardened-sources removal
2017-07-16 systemd rootprefix migration
2017-04-10 app-emulation/wine split and slotting
2017-03-01 =mail-mta/exim-4.88 problem with chunking