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Gentoo x86-64-v3 binary packages available (Feb 4, 2024)

Larry the cow with packages

End of December 2023 we already made our official announcement of binary Gentoo package hosting. The initial package set for amd64 was and is base-line x86-64, i.e., it should work on any 64bit Intel or AMD machine. Now, we are happy to announce that there is also a separate package set using the extended x86-64-v3 ISA (i.e., microarchitecture level) available for the same software. If your hardware supports it, use it and enjoy the speed-up! Read on for more details…

2023 in retrospect & happy new year 2024! (Jan 22, 2024)

Gentoo Fireworks A Happy New Year 2024 to all of you! We hope you enjoyed the fireworks; we tried to contribute to these too with the binary package news just before new year! That’s not the only thing in Gentoo that was new in 2023 though; as in the previous years, let’s look back and give it a review.

New packages at the Gentoo packages database

dev-python/uv A Python package installer and resolver, written in Rust
sec-keys/openpgp-keys-fwknop OpenPGP key used to sign fwknop releases
sci-libs/ideep Intel® Optimization for Chainer
dev-texlive/texlive-binextra TeXLive TeX auxiliary programs
dev-python/cramjam Thin Python bindings to de/compression algorithms in Rust

Fresh documentation on the Gentoo wiki

/etc/portage/repos.conf/uk started by AK
SELinux/Containers started by Concord
AMD/uk started by AK
/etc/portage/package.use/uk started by AK
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