GLEP 10: Localized Gentoo Sites

Author Tobias Scherbaum <>, Sven Vermeulen <>
Type Standards Track
Status Deferred
Version 1
Created 2003-08-04
Last modified 2017-11-07
Posting history 2003-08-04, 2003-08-22, 2004-03-14, 2004-05-02, 2004-08-22
GLEP source glep-0010.rst


Due to insufficient resources, the doc team is unable to implement this GLEP at this time. It has therefore been marked "deferred".


The Gentoo Website [1] is the main source of documentation regarding Gentoo itself. It hosts all documents that the Gentoo Documentation Project [2] delivers, including all made translations. In addition the website contains the GWN and its translations and several news items.


Lots of people have shown interest in the localization proposal, and even the infrastructure team has given positive feedback. However, due to lack of a good roadmap and proposal this suggestion has never grown beyond what it is now: a suggestion. Between the first draft of this proposal and now some communities grown faster than others. Actually it is obvious that we have big communities (lots of users, lots of translators) and smaller communities (less users, less translators). If we speak about localized Gentoo sites we need to find a capable solution for small and even bigger communities. This leads us to a point where the lead translator can decide between a small localized site including necessarily translated documents and only some additional pages and a bigger variant with lots of translated gdp documents, translated news and gwn plus additional pages.


The current layout regarding documentation in the CVS is as follows:

[gentoo]/xml/htdocs/doc/en/* [gentoo]/xml/htdocs/doc/nl/* [gentoo]/xml/htdocs/doc/fr/*

However, there are several other documents (about, policy, etc) in main/$lang:

[gentoo]/xml/htdocs/main/en/* [gentoo]/xml/htdocs/main/nl/* [gentoo]/xml/htdocs/main/fr/*

This structure makes it very difficult for assigning permissions to the individual translation teams, and even more difficult to really localize the Gentoo Website. At this very moment, the translation teams can edit documents of other languages or even the master English documents. English reviewers and editors can touch documents of languages they possibly don't even know. Although we do trust every single documentation editor, a better implementation is advisable. We also can't give access to well-known but non-dev translators.

We want to restructure the current layout so that the Gentoo Website is more easily internationalized.


Website Pages:

The Lead Translator can choose if he wants to maintain a "small" or a "big" localized site. All localized sites will be accessible on http://$ which will point to [gentoo]xml/htdocs/$lang. All localized sites must be implemented in GuideXML.

Requirements for "small" localized sites:

  • all documents marked as required in our Translators Howto
  • $lang/main/translators.xml, listing of all translators (including GWN translators)
  • $lang/main/communities.xml, listing of all community sites available in $lang
  • index.xml "welcome page", listing of available resources on $ (i.e. links to documentation, translators.xml and communities.xml)

Requirements for "big" localized sites:

  • all documents marked as required in our Translators Howto
  • $lang/main/translators.xml, listing of all translators (including GWN translators)
  • $lang/main/communities.xml, listing of all community sites available in $lang
  • translated $lang/main documents
  • translated $lang/news/gwn
  • translated news items ($lang/news) (only translated news items, news items on a per-lang basis aren't allowed)

CVS Structure:

Actual scheme, everything is relative to [gentoo]/xml/htdocs:

main/en         Contains the main Gentoo Website (about, policy, lists, etc.)
main/$lang      Contains some translated Website pages
doc/en          Contains the master English Documentation
doc/$lang       Contains the translated Documentation
news            Contains English news items
news/en/gwn     Contains the master English GWNs
news/$lang/gwn  Contains translated GWNs
proj/en         Contains the project Webpages

Proposed scheme, relative to [gentoo]/xml/htdocs:

$lang/main      Contains some translated Website pages
$lang/doc       Contains the translated Documentation
$lang/news      Contains translated news items
$lang/news/gwn  Contains translated GWNs


All mails to www-$ should be forwarded to the Lead Translator and his Follow-Up.


We need to "hack" our guide.xsl to support something like inserts.xml for the whole site.