GLEP 71: Require Projects to report to Council Monthly

Author William L. Thomson Jr. <>
Type Standards Track
Status Deferred
Version 1
Created 2017-01-19
Last modified 2017-10-13
Posting history 2017-01-19
GLEP source glep-0071.rst


No progress made for over 60 days. Marked deferred by GLEP editor Michał Górny on 2017-10-13.


The Council does not seem to be any over all awarness of any project's activity, status, members, etc. Projects need to report what is going on within that project to the council on a monthly basis.


Presently there is no awarness of any project activity by the council over all. There is no required or optional reporting done from any project to the council. The council is likely aware of a projects existence but not ongoing details. The council should be aware of what is going on in the various projects, from activity, to members, to leadership changes, etc. Not necessarily for oversight but more for awareness of the big picture. How all projects come together to form Gentoo.


Each project will be required to provide a summary briefing to the council each month. This should include at minimum what is going on in the project. The direction of the project. The current developers associated with the project. What each developer is working on and their estimated volunteer time for the upcoming period. The summary should be done by the projects team leader but can be done by any member and presented to the council. Projects should also meet once a month to provide such information to other members of that project for presentation to the council. This should not require allot of time.

If a project is unable to meet such, maybe it should not be a project. Though a developer can still work on anything. Once a project is formed, its activity, status, etc should be made known on a regular basis by the council members.


The council will have a high level overview of development activity occuring in every project. Council members and others can get a high level overview of what is going on in Gentoo as a whole. The council could help with coordination between projects for a cohesive direction. Teams may be working on similar things or have commont goals. With councils awarness they may be able to facilitate further cooperation and unity. This may allow the council to lead the project as a whole in any given direction.