systemd sysv-utils blocker resolution

Title: systemd sysv-utils blocker resolution
Author: Mike Gilbert <>
Posted: 2018-01-23
Revision: 2
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Starting with systemd-236, the sysv-utils USE flag is enabled by

The sysv-utils USE flag controls installation of symlinks for several
key commands:

    /sbin/halt -> ../bin/systemctl
    /sbin/init -> ../lib/systemd/systemd
    /sbin/reboot -> ../bin/systemctl
    /sbin/poweroff -> ../bin/systemctl
    /sbin/runlevel -> ../bin/systemctl
    /sbin/shutdown -> ../bin/systemctl
    /sbin/telinit -> ../bin/systemctl

These commands are otherwise provided by sys-apps/sysvinit. This package
is blocked by systemd when the sysv-utils USE flag is enabled.

Enabling sysv-utils should cause Portage to un-merge sysvinit and OpenRC
if they are currently installed. emerge may emit a warning message
before doing so; if you are booting with systemd, this message is safe
to ignore.

If you wish to keep sysvinit (and openrc) installed, you may disable the
sysv-utils USE flag locally.

If you run into unresolvable blockers with sysv-utils enabled, ensure
that you do not have any reverse dependencies of sys-apps/sysvinit
selected (in your world file).

Common packages to look for:


The equery command from gentoolkit may help track down installed
packages that depend on openrc.

    equery depends sys-apps/openrc