sys-fs/cryfs-0.10.2 update

Title: sys-fs/cryfs-0.10.2 update
Author: Andreas Sturmlechner <>
Posted: 2019-10-29
Revision: 1
News-Item-Format: 2.0
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Filesystems created with CryFS 0.9.x are incompatible with the new storage
format. [1] Migration is necessary before mounting with CryFS 0.10 and
possible for old containers going back as far as CryFS 0.9.4. [2]

However, upstream recommend to create new containers with 0.10 to avoid
potential data loss from a failed migration, and in order to benefit from all
performance advantages of the new format.

Before updating, copy all data from cryfs containers to a temporary and secure
location. After the update, move it back into a newly created container. Don't
forget to remove the temporary files afterwards.

Users of KDE Plasma Vaults should follow the same procedure. To check the type
of existing containers, open them using the Vaults widget. It is part of the
path as displayed in dolphin.