PulseEffects-5+ are now media-sound/easyeffects

Title: PulseEffects-5+ are now media-sound/easyeffects
Author: Marek Szuba <marecki@gentoo.org>
Posted: 2021-07-16
Revision: 1
News-Item-Format: 2.0
Display-If-Installed: media-sound/pulseeffects

Since version 5.0.0, media-sound/pulseeffects have explicitly required
media-video/pipewire rather than just a PulseAudio client (i.e. either
PipeWire or plain media-sound/pulseaudio). Following up on this change,
upstream has decided to rename the project to EasyEffects starting with
version 6.0.0.

Gentoo will follow the upstream renaming but in a slightly different
 - versions older than 5.0.0, i.e. ones not depending on
   media-video/pipewire, will continue to use the name
 - versions: 5.0.0 and newer, i.e. all requiring media-video/pipewire,
   will be available as media-sound/easyeffects.

media-sound/easyeffects is already available in the tree, and the
remaining PipeWire-dependent versions of media-sound/pulseeffects will
be removed on 2021-07-23. Therefore, PipeWire users of
media-sound/pulseeffects should switch to media-sound/easyeffects by
deselecting the old package and installing the new one, e.g.

emerge --deselect media-sound/pulseeffects
emerge media-sound/easyeffects

No action is required of media-sound/pulseeffects users who either use
PulseAudio exclusively or wish to retain the ability to use this
package with both PulseAudio and PipeWire.