Migration to sys-apps/systemd-utils

Title: Migration to sys-apps/systemd-utils
Author: Mike Gilbert <floppym@gentoo.org>
Posted: 2022-04-19
Revision: 1
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The sys-apps/systemd-utils package was recently added to the gentoo
repository. This replaces sys-apps/systemd-tmpfiles,
sys-boot/systemd-boot, and sys-fs/udev with a single package, and is
for OpenRC users. It does not depend on sys-apps/systemd and contains
the same exact components as the split packages.

USE flags are provided to allow each component to be enabled
or disabled. This change was made to significantly ease maintenance of tools
split out from systemd.

When upgrading to sys-apps/systemd-tmpfiles-250,
sys-apps/systemd-utils[tmpfiles] will be pulled in as a dependency.

When upgrading to sys-boot/systemd-boot-250,
sys-apps/systemd-utils[boot] will be pulled in as a dependency.

When upgrading to sys-fs/udev-250, sys-apps/systemd-utils[udev] will be
pulled in as a dependency.

At a later date, sys-apps/systemd-tmpfiles, sys-boot/systemd-boot, and
sys-fs/udev will be masked for removal once a suitable version of
sys-apps/systemd-utils has been marked stable and sufficient time has
been provided for users to migrate.

Possible problems when upgrading:

1. If sys-fs/eudev is present in the world file (@selected), emerge will
   abort the upgrade with a unsolvable blocker error. To resolve this,
   either remove sys-fs/eudev from the world file
   (emerge --deselect sys-fs/eudev), or disable the 'udev' USE flag for

2. The 'boot' USE flag on sys-apps/systemd-utils is disabled by default.
   Users migrating from sys-boot/systemd-boot will need to enable the
   'boot' USE flag (in package.use) to continue receiving updates.

3. If you have package.use entries for any of sys-apps/systemd-tmpfiles,
   sys-boot/systemd-boot, or sys-fs/udev, please update the relevant lines
   to refer to sys-apps/systemd-utils instead. This might include
   ABI_X86_32 for some users!