Breaking changes to the RAP Prefix toolchain

Title: Breaking changes to the RAP Prefix toolchain
Author: James Le Cuirot <>
Posted: 2023-01-28
Revision: 3
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We are changing the way the toolchain operates on RAP Prefix systems in order to
reduce the number of hacks we need to apply and make cross-compiling easier.

If you using a non-RAP "Prefix Guest" or "Prefix Stack" variant (e.g. macOS)
then this does not apply.

If you're not sure what kind of prefix you have, then check whether the
prefix-guest USE flag is enabled. If the following command returns nothing, then
you have a RAP prefix and this does apply.

  portageq envvar USE | grep prefix-guest

If you are using a libc other than glibc (e.g. musl) then this *does* apply, but
your libc will *not* break, so you should not carry out the following procedure.
The only other package known to be affected is dev-libs/libbsd, which you can
simply update. If you find another package affected by this, then please file a
bug report.

WARNING! It is important that you carry out the following procedure, otherwise
your toolchain will break when you next update your compiler or glibc.

  1. Run the following to create a temporary symlink:

     EPREFIX=$(portageq envvar EPREFIX)
     mkdir -p "${EPREFIX}${EPREFIX%/*}"
     ln -sn "${EPREFIX}" "${EPREFIX}${EPREFIX}"

  2. Update or rebuild all installed slots of sys-devel/gcc and sys-devel/clang
     (if any). Feel free to remove any you no longer need.

  3. Update or rebuild sys-libs/glibc.

  4. Update sys-devel/binutils to at least 2.40-r2. This package is slotted, so
     ensure at least this version is selected with binutils-config.

  5. Run the following to remove the symlink:

     EPREFIX=$(portageq envvar EPREFIX)
     rm "${EPREFIX}${EPREFIX}"

  6. If dev-libs/libbsd is installed, then update it to 0.11.7-r2 or later.

If you are reading this having updated glibc first and you are no longer able to
build anything, then don't panic. Simply execute the lines below and then carry
out the regular procedure above.

  EPREFIX=$(portageq envvar EPREFIX)
  portageq contents "${EPREFIX}" $(portageq best_version "${EPREFIX}" sys-libs/glibc) | xargs grep -lIF -d skip "GNU ld script" | xargs sed -i -r "s: /(usr|lib): ${EPREFIX}/\1:g"