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The Gentoo free software project has a number of public mailing lists, covering a variety of Gentoo-related subjects.

Like all of our Gentoo community venues, the mailing lists are governed by our Code of Conduct.

Please ensure you read the list instructions & FAQs for help mailing the lists. You must be subscribed (regular, digest or nomail) to send mail to the lists. Mail from unsubscribed addresses will be dropped.

This page lists all mailing lists offered by our project and tells you who the moderators are.

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Primary mailing lists

List name Description
gentoo-user General Gentoo user support and discussion mailing list.
gentoo-announce General Gentoo announcements list (new releases, security fixes).
Moderators: blueknight, pinkbyte, robbat2
gentoo-dev General Gentoo developer discussion mailing list.
gentoo-dev-announce Gentoo development-specific announcements list.
Moderators: robbat2, vapier
gentoo-project For the discussion of non-technical matters in Gentoo.
Moderators: robbat2
gentoo-security For the discussion of security issues and fixes.
gentoo-doc For documentation contributions, suggestions, improvements, and translations.
gentoo-commits Subscribe to this list to be notified on changes in the repos. This is a high-traffic read-only list!
Moderators: robbat2
gentoo-nfp The Gentoo not for profit/Trustees mailing list.
Moderators: dabbott, neddyseagoon, rich0, robbat2

Architecture-specific mailing lists

List name Description
gentoo-alpha For Gentoo Linux/Alpha user support and discussion.
gentoo-amd64 For Gentoo Linux/AMD64 user support and discussion.
gentoo-hppa Discussions about running Gentoo on the HPPA architecture.
gentoo-mips Discussions about running Gentoo on the MIPS architecture.
gentoo-powerpc For Gentoo Linux/PowerPC user support and development discussion.
gentoo-sparc For Gentoo Linux/Sparc user support and discussion.

Project mailing lists

List name Description
gentoo-accessibility Discussion about the Gentoo Accessibility project.
gentoo-admin Discussion about Gentoo Linux administration issues.
gentoo-alt Discussion about the Gentoo on Alternate Platforms Project.
gentoo-binhost-autobuilds Mailing list for the output of binhost project autobuilds.
gentoo-catalyst Mailing list dedicated to catalyst.
gentoo-cluster Discussions about Gentoo in clustered environments.
gentoo-containers Discussion about containers on Gentoo.
gentoo-desktop Mailing list devoted to Gentoo on the desktop.
gentoo-devhelp Discussion and help with ebuild development issues for users.
Moderators: robbat2
gentoo-embedded For Gentoo Linux/embedded user and developer discussion.
gentoo-genkernel Discussion about development of genkernel.
gentoo-guis Discussion about Gentoo specific GUI development and user support.
gentoo-guru Discussion about the GURU project and repository.
gentoo-hardened For a security hardened version of Gentoo.
gentoo-java Discussion about Java on Gentoo.
gentoo-kernel Release announcements for gentoo-sources; historically included vesafb-tng and fbsplash discussion.
gentoo-keys Discussion regarding signing and verifying the Gentoo package tree.
gentoo-licenses Discussion regarding software licenses in Gentoo.
gentoo-lisp Discussion about Lisp on Gentoo.
gentoo-mirrors Announcements and discussion among Gentoo mirror admins and developers regarding releases and other issues.
gentoo-musl Discussions about musl C library on Gentoo.
gentoo-pms Discussion about the Gentoo Package Manager Specification.
gentoo-portage-dev Portage internals and Portage interface development discussion.
gentoo-pr Mailing list for all Gentoo Public Relation discussion.
gentoo-proxy-maint Gentoo Proxy Maintainers project mailing list.
gentoo-qa Discussions about Quality Assurance and its improvement within Gentoo.
gentoo-releng Mailing list for the Gentoo release management team.
gentoo-releng-autobuilds Mailing list for the output of the Gentoo weekly autobuilds output from the release management team.
gentoo-science Discussion on science-related applications and integration in Gentoo.
gentoo-scm Discussion about migration of primary Gentoo repositories to alternate SCMs.
gentoo-server Discussions about operating and maintaining Gentoo in production environments.
gentoo-soc Discussion on Gentoo activities related to Google's Summer of Code.

International mailing lists

List name Description
gentoo-user-br Brazilian Gentoo user mailing list.
gentoo-user-cs Czech and Slovak Gentoo user mailing list.
gentoo-user-de deutschsprachige Gentoo user diskussionsliste (German user list).
gentoo-user-el Greek Gentoo user mailing list.
gentoo-user-es Lista para la ayuda y discusion de usuarios hispano-hablantes de Gentoo (Spanish user list).
gentoo-user-fr French Gentoo user mailing list.
gentoo-user-hu Hungarian Gentoo user mailing list.
gentoo-user-id Indonesian Gentoo user mailing list.
gentoo-user-pl Polish Gentoo user mailing list.
gentoo-user-ru Russian Gentoo user mailing list.
gentoo-user-tr Turkish Gentoo user mailing list.

Other mailing lists

List name Description
eudev Discussion of eudev development.
bug-wranglers Special-purpose list for the Gentoo Bug Wranglers team. This mailing list is by invite only. For those interested in joining, get active on Bugzilla and help our existing members wrangle bugs. You'll get noticed and invited to be a bug-wrangler in due course.
gentoo-automated-testing Automated testing
gentoo-test For testing of the list management software (restricted list).
gentoo-core For private one-to-many messages and dev-only information sharing, including, but not limited to: conference meet up plans, job spam, and additional context for public devaway messages, etc. (non-development, restricted list)
gentoo-ev Discussion list of Förderverein Gentoo e.V. (German).
gentoo-foundation-announce Legally required announcements of the Gentoo Foundation to foundation members (restricted & moderated list).
Moderators: dabbott, neddyseagoon, rich0, robbat2
gentoo-infrastructure Internal Gentoo Infrastructure project list (restricted list).

Archived mailing lists

List name Description
gentoo-doc-es Lista de correo dedicada a la traduccion y creacion de documentacion en Espanol de Gentoo (Spanish documentation list).
gentoo-perl Discussion of Perl on Gentoo.
gentoo-python Discussions centering around the Python ecosystem in Gentoo Linux.