Unavailable Gentoo developers (devaway)

The following developers are currently not available. Data updated at Sat Feb 23 23:31:17 2019.

Colors indicate how long since the developer's ~/.away file was set: up to 14 days; up to 2 months; up to 6 months; more than 6 months.

Developer Message and timestamp
axs AFK due to health issues for the next several weeks, please fix any of my packages as you see fit. @ 2018/02/20 02:57Z
blackace Away dealing with holiday/new year issues until 02/28/2019 @ 2019/01/02 21:45Z
idl0r Mail away, please contact me via IRC @ 2018/07/23 11:54Z
jcallen Limited time for Gentoo work currently, but still checking email and IRC. @ 2018/03/11 01:27Z
je_fro New job has me working hard. Hope to resume activity shortly. @ 2018/06/24 18:42Z
jsbronder New baby, limited Gentoo time. Not monitoring dev mailing list or irc channel. Feel free to use any other method to contact me. @ 2018/12/15 01:52Z
kumba Mostly busy w/ real life, but working on updated install stages/netboots for SGI/MIPS. Drop me an e-mail if needed. @ 2018/11/28 20:02Z
maekke on holidays until 2018-12-08, reachable via mail @ 2018/11/15 17:32Z
mgorny New work is keeping me busy. I should be able to maintain my packages / answer direct bugs but reducing project activity to minimum. You may need to ping me twice if you need something. @ 2019/01/02 08:23Z
mrueg Focus on other areas of contribution to open source. @ 2018/08/06 18:04Z
neddyseagoon Retired from paid employment. Working the ever growing 'Honey Do' list. Gentoo time both seasonal and sporadic ... @ 2018/07/10 18:53Z
nimiux Very limited activity due to real life. Feel free to touch my packages. No ETA. @ 2018/06/06 07:30Z
np-hardass Unable to commit due to GLEP 76. Will update when able to. @ 2018/12/13 20:43Z
patrick Not comitting due to DCO/GCO madness. @ 2018/10/02 17:18Z
pinkbyte On vacation(till July). Taking a break from active development. Available via e-mail for urgent stuff. Feel free to touch my packages. No ETA. Random commits may happen, though @ 2018/06/23 13:03Z
rafaelmartins Busy with RL. Feel free to email me but expect delays. @ 2018/11/15 21:16Z
robbat2 Sick with both a bad cold & Strep A; entire family on antibiotics :-(. 2018/12/29 @ 2018/12/31 02:08Z
slis Lack of time for few months in ahead. Hope to find some periodically, but unsure. @ 2018/04/03 17:50Z
swift Settling back in, mostly too tired to do useful work currently :-( @ 2018/10/15 14:46Z
tamiko Limited time until early March 2019 @ 2019/02/23 23:16Z
vikraman Busy with grad school, intermittently available for the Spring semester. @ 2019/01/27 00:18Z
xmw Busy with full-time job. Fell free to maintain my packages. Sporadic activity @ 2018/12/02 19:22Z
zzam Busy at work. Feel free to update any of my packages while I'm away! @ 2018/06/06 18:21Z