Unavailable Gentoo developers (devaway)

The following developers are currently not available. Data updated at Mon Jan 18 20:00:16 2021.

Colors indicate how long since the developer's ~/.away file was set: up to 14 days; up to 2 months; up to 6 months; more than 6 months.

Developer Message and timestamp
dolsen Online, but limited availability and time. @ 2020/10/07 13:26Z
idl0r Mail away, please contact me via IRC @ 2019/04/02 09:30Z
jlec I am out at the moment. Will get back in touch around Xmas 2020 @ 2020/12/28 21:14Z
kumba Busy w/ real life. Working on mips-sources-5.x as time permits. Drop me an @ 2020/12/29 23:59Z
lordvan busier than usual due to COVID-19 .. will try to check on bugs as often as possible - and reply on Email/Jabber/IRC. @ 2021/01/06 13:46Z
marecki Around but with very limited access to Gentoo systems until at least mid-February. Feel free to address urgent issues with my packages. @ 2021/01/11 11:06Z
mva Online but very busy at work, although random commits may happen. You can PM in IRC/Telegram for urgent stuff. Feel free to touch my packages if needed. @ 2021/01/17 08:48Z
neddyseagoon Retired from paid employment. Working the ever growing 'Honey Do' list. Gentoo time both seasonal and sporadic ... @ 2019/04/01 16:17Z
pinkbyte Taking a break from active development. Available via e-mail for urgent stuff. Feel free to touch my packages. No ETA. Random commits may happen, though @ 2021/01/11 07:28Z
robbat2 Household emergency (flood), not reliably reachable; free access to my packages. 2020/12/08-?????. @ 2020/12/09 05:37Z
sam Busy with exams until ~2/3rds of January. Email or file bugs if I miss a ping on IRC. Still here, just higher latency for a bit (only a few times a day!?) @ 2020/12/22 21:42Z
sobhan need time to get back into a normal life, be back ASAP @ 2019/11/12 15:54Z
titanofold In school full time and working full time through 2020. Anyone may touch any package except for dev-db/postgresql. @ 2020/12/27 12:24Z
tomjbe Sorry. Due to some family related problems I will not be much available in next @ 2021/01/12 19:39Z